Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Well X-mas has come and gone for another year. This year was really special because it was Keir's first X-mas, second actually but last year he was just a month old. As you can expect Keir was spoiled pretty good. He really enjoyed all his gifts.
It started off bright and early in the morning at our house were he saw his main gift from his parents. It was a chalk board/easle for him to draw on.
He also got a phone , here he is opening it and then the phone in use. A big gift was the kid sized table and chairs form Big Granny H Those photos were from my parents place were we spent X-mas morning. We also had breakfast there
After that we came back to our house and Jen's mom and dad came over in the afternoon. So it was more gifts for Keir:
Among some of the gifts he got was a music set. After all the gifts were opened we had everyone over for X-mas dinner. It was a really nice meal, and as usual I ate far to much.
On boxing day we went in Jen's parents place for a brunch with Jen's side of the family. Here is my favorite picture from that day. It is of Keir being chased by his older cousins William and Scarlett. The kids had a LOT of fun with each other.
Here are some random pics from the holidays:
Keir in some of his new pyjama's
More PJs but notice his hair He had just wolk up and had some serious bed head.
Keir walked to the end of the driveway yeasterday. Here he is at the top
At the bottom very please with himself
Happy Again
Last pics (I promise)
These were taken during a spirited game of chase/hide and seek.
I am coming to get you
Well that is it for now
Take Care
Have a happy New Year

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

-Happy Holidays-

I am officially on holidays until Jan 3rd 2005. Jen is done this thursday, so it is just Keir and I for the next 2 days. We went for a ski this morning, well I skiied and he slept while I towed him, and right now Keir is down for his afternoon nap.
All of Keir X-mas shopping is done, I hope he likes what "Santa" got him.
Anyway I am really looking foprward to X-mas and spending time together as a family.
I probably won't post till after Boxing day so whereever you are....
Have a Merry Christmas and all the best to you in the New Year.

Friday, December 17, 2004


As advertised here are a couple of photos from the past month.
From Keirs Birthday Party
Mom and Keir from the Birthday Party
Keir found some empty bottles that were very interesting at his party
Winter here , look at the snow outside the window.
Keir likes the X-mas tree
This is just wierd It is like his eyes are fallowing you.
The best for last SMILE

Well this weekend promises to be busy with a birthday party for our friends Mandy and Scott's 2 year old Macartney and my parents annual X-mas bash, plus I want ot get up skiing both days. I better rest up tonight.
That is all fo rnow
Take care

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

-Hello, anybody there?-
OK so I am a little busy right now and haven't had a chance to post anything in over a month. We did have a party for Keir's birthday, there was cake and gifts and Keir really liked seeing everybody. I am amazed how social Keir is, he really does enjoy being around other people. I was a little worried that the party situation might be a little overwhelming for him. But he enjoy every minute of it. He even tried some of his cake!
I have lots of new pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet.
I will have some down time over the X-mas holidays. I am taking almost 2 weeks off. It will be nice to spend that much time with Keir and Jen.
We have been doing lots of X-country skiing, as we have gotten lots of snow here over the last couple of weeks.
I promise I will get lots more photos up in the coming weeks.
That is all for now
Take care

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

-Birthday part 2-
Last night my parents came over for a little party for Keir's Birthday. It was just the 5 of us. On sunday we are having a bigger party for Keir's 1st birthday. We didn't want to make it a big thing but when it came time to put the list of attendee's together it just kept growing, we really wanted to share the special event with our friends and family. I think it is up to 25 people, now that may not be a lot for some people but for Jen and I that is. I always think that I don't know that many people but when you are forced to start inviting people to an event, you quickly realize that you really do know more people than you think. I am starting to go off on a tangent here so back to Keir's cake last night. I took some photos from last night.
Keir's Cake
Keir's reaction to his Cake
Mom help Keir blwo out his candle
Jen also got Keir a Balloon in the shape of an Elephant. Keir really likes elephant because of the new DVD he got.It is Baby Einstein, Baby Noah
He LOVES the baby Noah(an elephant puppet)
Keir had some cake and ice cream, which he really didn't like, it may have been to sweet for him.
I am not sure if Keir realized that all the fuss was for him, but it was a nice evening.
More tomorrow
Take Care

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

-It's your BIRTHDAY-
Today is Keir birthday! He is officially 1 year old today!
Happy Birthday Keir!

Don't have a lot of time and I will post more tonight (or tomorrow morning) but my parents are coming over for some cake tonight.
It should be great.
Keir you are amazing!

That is all for now
Take Care


Thursday, November 11, 2004

-Rememberance Day-
Today is Rememberance Day in Canada, I have the day of but Jen doesn't, so it is just me watching Keir! Keir has been very good and well behaved for his dad. I did manage to misplace my house key after stepping out this morning, some parent I am! We managed to get back into the house with a quick trip to my parents house for their spare key.
Keir has been walking all morning long, around and around. It is just amazing to watch him go.
Jen has been back at work for almost two weeks, it was very hard at first(it still is really) but things are going smoother. My mom is loving the time she gets to spend with Keir on a daily basis. Jen isn't working full time hours either so that makes things a little eaiser for everyone involved.
Keir has just woken up from his nap so I have to get going.
Just a quick thought about Rememberance Day itself, I can't help but be very thankful for the all the men and women of the armed forces who made any sort of sacrafice for the wonderful country we live in.
That is all for now
Take Care
Ewan(Mr Mom)

Monday, November 01, 2004

-Happy Halloween-
Yesterday was Halloween, a spooky day! Keir had is own costume, and looked very scary as a dragon.
The dragon visited our friends Mark and Mel, and my parents house.
here are some pics from Halloween...
Today is the last day of Jen's maternity leave, we are spending it together for a family day.
Tomorrow will be a hard day at the Hardie house when mommy has to leave Keir!
That is all for now
Take Care

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Everybody loves picutres, and have I got some for you.
I had mentioned a couple of post back that Keir was just starting to take some steps on his own. He is getting real good at walking and I managed to capture his walking with the camera....
Walking and Pointing
Walking and Falling
Walking and Smiling
Walking and Standing
He is actually walking here but the table is hiding it
I know this will sound like bragging but he really is getting good, he started of by only being able to go half way out on the carpet. By the end he was walking all the way to the end!
Here is one of Jen's all time favorite pics:
Bath Time
Keir has started to eat Adult food. We made some Chili for him(minus the spices!) which he really liked. He also had some panakes last weekend, here are some pictures of him enjoying those...
Belly Breakfast
Belly Breakfast2
Belly Breakfast3
Yes they were Blueberry panacakes and yes it was messy!
I had also mentioned that Keir loves to play in the Pots and Pans drawer, here he is caught in the act!
Pots and Pans
Pots and Pans2
More from the Kitchen, I am cooking Keir in the pots and pans...
More pics...
Gran and Keir outside
Gran and Keir outside2
Keir's litlle pointer finger
That is all for now
Take care

Thursday, October 14, 2004

-Busy, Busy, Busy-
Things have been realy crazy for me the past two weeks. Work is extremley busy, getting ready for Thanksgiving Weekend, and prepareing for the marathon, all made things a little hectic. Two of those issues have now passed, but I am still very busy at work.
We had a really nice Thanksgiving weekend, Jen's parents came up and stay with us for Sunday and Monday. Jen and I decided that we would like to host the Thanksgiving dinner at our place on Sunday. That meant that my mom and dad and Neal(home from Montreal) along with Jen's mom and dad, Keir, Jen and I were all going to be at our place on Sunday afternoon/night.
Everything went really well, the food was very good (everyone brought something for the meal) and with the exception of the chicken (my responsability) taking double the time that it was supposed to cook everything went off without a hitch. Did I mention I couldn't walk while I was preparing the meal? That's because I ran in a marathon in the morning!

The marathon went well, and I was pleased with my time 3:27:54 (my goal was to go under 3hrs 30mins). I learned a LOT from the whole expireince.
The course was very hilly which I wasn't expecting(Lesson Learned #1: examine the terrain you will be running on BEFORE you get to the race course) but throughout the first lap, 21.1km, I felt really good. I had a goal pace time and was actually running a little to fast and had to slow myself down a couple of times, but didn't do that good of a job beacuse I did the first lap 5 mins faster than I had planned.(Lesson Learned #2: stick to your plan!) I had planned to try and run the 2nd lap a little faster than the first, but it didn't work out that way. The two main factors in preventing me from accomplishing that was the temperature/wind (it was really cold that day with a strong wind) and the second half of the hills took a lot out of me. By the 33km mark I couldn't keep my leg turnover at a quick enough pace. The most important lesson I learned was how much of a mental game a marathon is. I really struggled mentally from the 35-40km portion of the race. With the adrenaline of the finish line in sight I was able to finish strong.
Here is the proof that I did finish the Marathon:
Official Results
Photograhic Proof
I guess I pretty well, I finished 21st out of 99 people and 2nd in my age group. I didn't stick around afterwards because I had to get home to start the chicken for supper later on that day.
I really did learn a lot, and can't wait to do another!
I will let Jen update you on Keir, but he is still as amazing as ever!
That is all for now
Take Care

Thursday, October 07, 2004

-That's small step for Keir, and two giant stunned parents-
OK, so that was a bad play on Neil Armstrongs famous quote, but it was an appropriate description for Jen and I's reaction last night to Keir's first two STEPS!!!!!!
Yes Keir walked on his own for the very first itme last night. He are the details: he was standing with the help of a samll table in his room. He turned and saw a soccer ball a couple of feet away and instead of sitting down and crawling over like he normally would do, he just turned towards the ball and took two steps over to it and sat down next to it. Jen looked at me, and I looked at her and said "Did he just do what I think he did?". After that we both clapped and cheered for Keir, he too seemed very proud of his accomplishment!
Of course we tried to recreate the feat a couple of times after that but with no success, Keir seemed to thing that once was enough for the night, maybe tomorrow night!
This weekend is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada, so it is a long weekend. We are having my parents, Jen's parents and my brother over for a big dinner on Sunday. It should be lots of fun.
Speaking of fun, i am running in a Marathon on Sunday Morning. I am very excited as it will be my first. More details to follow next week.
That's all for now
Take care

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

-Keir 2 Dada 0-
This won't be a long post but I felt i should share so here goes. Last night Clobered me in the nose with his little head, it was timed perfectly his head was coming up mine was going down. His forehead hit me right on the underneath of my nose. It almost brought a tear to my eyes, but Keir didn't even flinch! He looked up at me smiling and wondering why I was holding my nose. There was no blood but it still hurt, Keir 1 Dada 0
After the head-but incident it was time for Keir's bath, I got him all stripped down and brought him into the bathroom while Jen ran the bath for Keir. As we were waiting for the bath to fill up, I was holding Keir at my side, sudenlly my side felt very wet and warm. Keir was peeing on me! Keir 2 Dada 0.
I guess these happenings are the "secret joys" of being a parent!
Told you it would be short.
Take Care

Monday, September 27, 2004

Good Monday morning everybody! I can't say that Monday iis my favourite day of the week, but seeing as I have so few Mondays left with Keir before I go back to work, I've been trying to enjoy them as much as possible. Ewan was off to Peterborough this morning for some sort of workshop, so we hope he gets there in good time, and doesn't some how get snarled up in rush hour going there or coming home. Indian summer seems to be upon us, and we are enjoying the warm days before winter is upon us in the next couple of months. Gran and Grandpa Hardie were over for dinner last night, and enjoyed spending time playing with Keir before he was off to bed at 7:30 pm. Doug read Keir a bed time story which Keir thoroughly enjoyed, and he even helpred Grandpa turn the pages. I will figure out sooner or later how to include pictures with the posts, so I apologize for no visuals these last couple of weeks. Hope everyone out there is doing well.

Mama Hardie (aka Jennifer)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

It's been a beautiful weekend in this part of the country. Seems like the weather has been trying to make up for such a LOUSY summer. Nothing all that exciting going on in our world. Ewan is doing a marathon this Thanksgiving weekend, so that should be interesting. This morning he went on a 3 , yes I said 3 hour run to train . He was home before 10:00 am which was nice. Keir didn't see Ewan before he left, so when his Daddy came through the door, he was extremely excited! Keir is trying out new sounds, and shreaking in delight is one of them. His new favourite thing is to stand at the window, behind the curtain, and scream. It's all quite humourous to us, so we get a few chuckles out of it. Keir is also learning that he can make us laugh by drinking from his sippy cup and letting the water trickle out of his mouth, down his chin and onto his shirt. He'll repeat it until he's tired of it, then it's on to something else. He also waves good-bye while saying "Bye-bye", which is cute to his easily amused parents and grandparents. He loves to harass the cat, and the ever tolerant Cosmo has the patience of a saint while Keir tugs his fur and grabs his whiskers. His version of "kitty" comes out sounding more like "itty", but his enthusiasm is hilarious nevertheless. That's enough rambling from me for now. Until next time, I'm off to enjoy the remaining hours of this too short weekend.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Two post in one day, wow I guess I am trying to keep up with Jen!
My mum just brought a bunch of photos over that my dad had taken. So I thought I would share.
In no particular order:
Smiley Boy
Smiley Boy #2
Look Mom no hands
Keir at triathlon
A sunset photo my dad took
That all
Well as Jen said here are some new photos of Keir. Keir has started eat more solids. These photos are from this morning of Keir eating toast:

As Jen mentioned in her last post, I was at the dentist yesterday. I needed some small filling done to a couple of teeth. I DON'T LIKE THE DENTIST DRILL, THAT NOISE IS THE WORST NOISE IN THE WORLD. For curiosity sake, I wore my Heart Rate Monitor. My Heart Rate peaked right around 100BPM(beats per Minute). Normally it would be right around 50BPM. I can handle the needles and everything else involved in the dentists office, but when they start drilling I really start to stress, evident by my heart rate.
Anyway I have to go back for one last filling because they ran out of time and didn't want to freeze both sides of my mouth.
Thats all for now
Take Care

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Good evening all our faithful readers. Fall is in the air, and the days seem to be flying by. This could have something to do with the fact that I'm due back at work very soon, and I'm having anxiety attacks as well as fits of depression. On a lighter note, the weather has been beautiful, and before we know it Thanksgiving will be here. Keir is just as cute and sweet as always. Forgive us for not having posted any pictures recently, as our digital camera seems to eat batteries the way I devour chocolate. Ewan is just in from the dentist, and half of his mouth is frozen, so dinner tonight was interesting to say the least. I will try to get some new pictures in tomorrow. That is all for now in the exciting, nail-biting world of the Hardie family!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Goodmorning everyone! The weather here has gotten a little cooler over the last few days. Last week the temperature was in the 20's, and now we're into the low teens in the morning and evening. Fall is definitely in the air. Last night it was girl's night out on Elgin Street, and the new Moms were out to party. Well, not quite. I was home by 10:30. We were having a shower for one of the girls I work with as she is getting married next month, and is sure to be a beautiful bride. Two other girlfriends of mine who have recently had babies were also there, so needless to say, there was lots of talk of labours and epidurals, milestones and weight comparisons. I never thought in a million years that my whole life would center around one little person, but here I am, completely smitten. It's nice to know that everyone else going through the early stages of motherhood feels the same way. Ewan was on his own last night, and to be honest, I think was looking very forward to having a boy's night in with Keir. Everything went smoothly, and Ewan was asleep on the couch when I got home, and there wasn't a peep from Keir until 7 o'clock this morning. My Mom is on her way up to see us today. She always says she has to get her "Keir fix" for the week, as it makes her work week go faster. I should be on my way, as there is a ton of housework to be done for the house to be presentable. take care everyone until next time! Our thoughts are with all of you.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

This is day#2 of my blog posts, or whatever the heck you'd call it. Keir has officially had his second night of uninterrupted sleep from 8:00 pm. to 7:00 am. this morning. Ewan and I took advantage of our time together by falling asleep on the couch at 9:30. Such an energetic couple, I know. To be fair Ewan made a fabulous dinner for the two of us, and tried to slip onee past me by saying the fish he served was chicken. As some of you know, I have never been known to be a seafood lover. It all started when I was a little girl and watched my Dad scale a fish he'd caught in the lake. From that point on I can't help but feel a little sick from simply smelling fish cooking. Being the brave girl that I am, and with a little help from my friend in the form of a glass of wine, I took the plunge and ate ALL the fish. It wasn't so bad, and I actually enjoyed it on its bed of tarragon and grapes, with a scattering of feta and splash of balsamic vinegar. Ewan also made a delicious lentil soup full of spices and a smigen of heat from a chili pepper, topped with a dollop of coconut cashew chutney. The ultimate divine end to our dinner? A delectable bowl full of Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk icecream. Enough said, it was decadent. We started to watch a movie that we rented almost a week ago, but lo and behold, my eyes started to close, and I just couldn't stay awake any longer. It was off to bed for me, and Ewan wasn't far behind. Another splendid Friday night of drama and intrigue in the Hardie household. I'm supposed to go out tonight for a bridal shower of a girlfirend I work with, but I'm not sure how long I'll hold up past nine o'clock. We're off to do some groceries this morning, so that's all for now.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Hello folks! Mama Hardie is finally here. I got tired of informing Ewan of his various grammatical and spelling errors, so I've decided it's about time I entered some posts of my own. After all, in baby matters, Moms and Dads seem to have differing opinions about various "baby" issues. For example, Ewan had stated in the previous post that only smart babies play with the pots and pans. What I had actually heard from watching that terribly educational program "The View" was if you want your kids to be intelligent, don't go and buy a zillion toys and videos. Their creativity wil be encouraged by simply playing with everyday household items like the pots and pans. Onto other subjects, my going back to work has been on my mind recently. As poor Ewan and Phyllis can tell you, I've been a sobbing mess off and on for the last several weeks. Just thinking about leaving Keir is enough to send me into weeping convulsions. To make matters worse, I'm probably not going to go back to my original job. I feel like I really haven't known what to do with my life in regards to school and a career. My job as a dental assistant was just supposed to be a temporary occupation until I grew up and decided what I really wanted to do. Seven years later, and here I am still doing the same thing. Having a baby has made things so clear for me, particularly now that I'm contemplating going back to work. I definitely want to go back to school. As Ewan keeps saying, all we have to do is win the lottery so that I can be at home with Keir, and go to school. Ewan can fulfill his dream of training for an Ironman, and everything will be peachy! Back to the real world, and my dilemma of being a wife, mother and student seems to be a dream that's out of reach for the time being. As this reality sets in, I must take advantage of every moment I get to spend with our precious little boy. It doesn't seem fair that I have to choose between a paycheque and my son, but I also know that this is something thousands of women have to do everyday. In the end I simply have to count my blessings, and be grateful for our healthy, beautiful boy, and the fact that I've been able to be at home with him for almost a year. I must go, as Ewan is trying to make dinner and look after Keir on his own. Oh yes, I also must remind him to pick up a lottery ticket tomorrow morning!

Monday, September 13, 2004

-Pots and Pans-
Again I must apologize for not being more consistant in updating the page, I was away at a conference last week so things were very compressed last week and I didn't have much spare time.
As I just mentioned, I was away last week for 3 days(2 nights) and it was the first time I was away from Keir. As you could expect it was very hard (although the 8hrs of uninterrupted sleep was nice!). Keir was very good for his mommy while I was away so that made it a little easier, but it was still very hard to not be able to see him for such an extended period of time.
Keir's latest things is that he loves to play with the pots and pans in the kitchen. He pulls open the drawer and empties it out and rattles them around, he can sit there for minutes at a time with a huge smile on his face. Jen read somewhere that only smart/creative kids play with the pots and pans, I am not sure how accurate that is but he sure does enjoys those pots and pans.

That is all for now

Take Care

Friday, August 27, 2004

I finally got around to sort through the holiday pictures.
Here are some of the better ones:
I got to read to Keir, his favorite book was this great
Star Wars Book
Keir loved it on the beach, he loved the water and the sand, and also being naked
We hiked up Mont St Marie (a near by ski hill) and the base the was a giant chair, which Keir sat in
Keir got to ride on his daddy's shoulders, the view is nice from up there
Keir was making firends in the hammock One __ two more pics from the hammock
That is all for now
Take Care

Monday, August 23, 2004

-Busy, Busy, Busy-
Well once again I have been a little slow on updating anything here but I have an excuse, really, I do... OK not a good excuse but an excuse none the less. The excuse is: I was busy, I told you it wasn't a good excuse.
We were on vacation from August 7th to the 15th. We went up to the a cottage, that friends of ours let us use. The cottage and lake are beautiful but the weather was not, so we came home early. Keir did enjoy the water and got to go on lots of walks.
I have lots(and lots) of pictures of the vacation that I haven't gone through yet.
Keir has changed a lot since I last updated things here.
He no crawls with no problem and actually gets around really fast.
He won't stop "Talking", he babbles on to himself or anybody in his general direction.
He can climb stairs now! He goes up the stairs no problem but he hasn't figured out the down part just yet. Here is proof:
Stairs 1
Stairs 2
He has two more teeth, bringing his total to 6! The 2 teeth beside the big front teeth have started to come in.
He is sleeping in his own crib, and last night for the first time EVER he slept right through the whole night! I will tell you that is a great day(well night really) for parents. So cross your fingers that this trend continues.
That is all for now, I will get some pictures up soon.
Take care

Monday, July 26, 2004

-Shuffle Monster-

Well Keir is really crawling now! He can basically crawl from one side of the room to the other (with a couple of rest stops along the way!). It started off as a sort of shuffle, he wasn't on all fours: one leg was still sort of bent. In this weird position he could "shuffle" around very well. The other day however; he finally figured out how to get both his knees underneeth him and now there is NO stopping him. He really seems to be genuinly enjoy moving about, always with a smile on his face. Actually Keir is a very happy little boy, except for when you ask him to sleep in his own crib!
His two top teeth are really coming in now, and his smile is now REALLY cute as a result (not that it wasn't cute before, he is just cuterer, if that is a word)
As mentioned above, we are having a whale of a time getting him to sleep in his own crib. He really lets you know how he feels, we have tried many different ways of getting him to sleep in the crib but all seem to have one common thread: Keir crying in the end. If anyone out there has any solutions/tips we are all ears, please.
We were at a beautiful wedding of our friends Mark and Mel on Friday. It was really a beautiful ceremony and we had an amazing time. I haven't upload our pictures yet but I will post that soon.
That all for now
Take care

Monday, July 19, 2004

-Triathlete 1.2-
Well this past Sunday I did another triathlon, it was the Graham Beasley/ National Capital Triathlon. It was another Sprint Distance Triathlon which means it was a 500m swim, 20km bike, and a 5km run. My goal for this triathlon was to beat my time from the first triathlon I did in June.
I got to the race area in the morning at 8am figuring that it would leave me with loads of time. Well I had loads of time, but the transition area(were all the athletes equipment is stored) was almost full. So  I ended up getting a bad spot for my transition area. Next time I will get there a little earlier.
My swim start was at 9:30am. I adopted a different strategy for the swim portion, swimming more in the middle of the pack rather than out to the far left. This seem to work as I was really please with my swim, I even actually passed some people. I settled into a good rhythm and finished the swim in 10:31 on my watch, up to my transition area.
My transition to the bike didn't go so well. My top wouldn't go on without sticking, so I really struggled with it and in the process I ripped 3 of the 4 pins holding my race number off. After re-pinning my number and getting my shoes on I was off, by the time I got on my bike it was about 13mins. Did it really take me that long in the transition area? No matter, focus on the bike.
The Bike course was nice, the road was rough in some spots but wasn't to bad. It was not a flat as the the first triathlon but that is ok cause I passed a few people on the hilly sections of the course. I Kept a good pace on the bike and made it back to the transition area under 37mins. You have to dismount your bike and run to your transition area, well my area was at the far end of the end of the bike/start of the run (that was from being "late" in the morning). My transition from bike to run went a lot smoother than swim to bike. The temperature was heating up so I took a last swig gatorade from my water bottle on my bike and I took of on my run.
I was a little disappointed with my run, For the first km that last swig of gatorade was swishing around in my stomach, it didn't feel nice. I did not take any water at the first water station  By the first km my stomach settled down and I got into a nice groove, passing people and maintaining a nice rhythm. Just before the 3km marker there was another water station but I didn't wasn't to risk that sloshing feeling again so I didn't take any water. Then at the 3km marker my left hamstring cramped up, so I had to easy back on the tempo. I was worried it would turn into something worse, but by 4km marker it was completely gone, so I was able to finish the run strong.
There was quite a crowd at the finish, included was Keir, Jen, my Mom and Dad, and Jen's Mom and Dad along with our nephew William and niece Scarlett. Our friend Sara and her daughter Paige was there also.
I was very happy with my swim and bike and a little disappointed with my run.
The times break down as follows:
  • Swim 12:46
  • Bike 36:29
  • Run 23:56
  • Total of 1hr 13mins 10secs
That is better than my first triathlon, so I accomplished my goal. I now I can go faster, but I think I did improve (especially in the swim and Bike) from the last triathlon I did.
Here is the "tooting my own horn" portion of the blog: ended up 24 out of 117 me, 5  in my age group, but here is the best part because the top 2 men in the race were from my division they get medals for the overall, so that means the next 2 in the division move up. So I got the 3rd place medal for my age group! I certainly was not expecting that, but it was a nice surprise :-)
Non triathlon related: Keir was 8 months old on Friday! Keir's two top teeth are really coming in now and we both think it won't be long till he is able to stand up by himself. If he is on the ground now he can get right up to a sitting position and he try's to stand up after that but but he hasn't got that motion figured out yet.
That is all for now
Take care

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

-New Look-
Well I figured it was time for a change. I have changed the look of the page a bit.
You can now comment on any of the post. You don't have to be a member you can just post anonymously, but just sign your name so I now who you are.
I will still be changing some of the graphic stuff (it is the stock templates from blogger) to make it a little more personalized.
Let me know what you think.
Take care

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

-Welcome Back-

Well I have not updated the blog in a couple of weeks. I have an excuse though, we were on VACATION!!! July 1st is a National holiday, it fell on a Thursday this year so I took Friday off and then the whole of the next week as well. Jen, Keir and I went up to Jen's Grandmothers cottage (which is just outside of Perth, about an hour out of Ottawa)
The cottage was wonderful and relaxing, I got a couple of swims in, and a couple of good runs also. But it was really nice just to spend the whole day with Keir and Jen. I have a ton of photos from the past weeks, and have only had a little time to go through them.
Keir in the Lake
Keir and I on the dock at the cottage
Keir swinging on Canada Day
Keir walking with my dad
On of the things Keir likes to do is bang on the drums with his unlce Neal.
Keir is doing so many new things,

  • His top two teeth have come trough

  • He can pull himself up to stand

  • He is very "talkative", he say's "Ba" a lot and laughs out loud for no real reason

This past weekend we also went to a beautiful wedding, in Toronto. It was Mark and Pascale's wedding. We left Keir with Jen's mom, aunt and uncle and cousins for the evening and left for a wonderful night. The wedding was all held at the MacLean House on the Sunnybrooke Hospital Estate. It was a beautiful setting, it was hard to believe that you were in the middle of Canada's largest and busiest city! The ceremony and meal was excellent. At 9:30 Jen was a little anxious to get home to Keir so we left the party at 10ish, we missed dessert :-(, and got home at 10:30. Jen said it was very hard for her to leave Keir for that long, eventhough she new he was in great hands. Well when we got back to Keir, he was all smiles. He had a great time with everyone. Hopefully it will get easier, for the parents, to leave Keir so that we can go out a little more and enjoy some time "sans-baby".
Here are a couple of random pics from the wedding:

The Bride walking in
The Ceremony
The Kiss
After the Kiss
The Hardie Family and the Bride

That is all for now
Take Care

Monday, June 28, 2004

Well I guess you can call me a Triathlete, you can still call me Ewan if you prefer :-)
On Sunday I completed the Smiths Falls Classic Triathlon. It was a blast!!!!! It was a beautiful morning and the race started at 9:30am. We spent the night at Jen's parents place who live 10mins away from the starting area. I was at the starting area by 8:20 and found a good place to rack my bike (not to close to the bike exit but not to far) and proceeded to get everything ready. I tried to watch other people to see how they set things up because I had never done it before.
We all headed down to the swim start and waited around for the your start wave (done by age). I was a bit nervous about the swim but all that went away when I got in the water (it was a little cold). I had an ok swim, I tried to stay to the outside (away from everybody) but that sort of back fired because just before the turn-around buoy I realized I had swam off course a little (ok a lot). By the turn-around I had gotten back on course. I proceeded to drift a little bit more coming up to the end of the swim (I actually ended up in some thick weeds).All in all I figure I saw an extra 100m on top of what I needed to do. I finished the swim and ran back up to the transition area.
I was a little slow in the transition area (getting ready for the bike) but once I got out on the bike I began to feel really good. I got a nice pace going and had a good 10km out. At the half way turn around, you were going into a slight head wind. I made it back in pretty good time.
My run transition went a little smoother than my bike transition (I know I have to work on those transitions). When I left the transition area for the start of the run, my stomach felt a little "funny", but I quickly forgot about it because I was focusing on the first 1km of the run, that was all UPHILL. I felt real good the whole run and was able to finish strong.
Here is me at the finish line

And here is me leaving for the start of the bike leg:

My final time was 1hr 14mins and 4secs. Good for 11th in my age group and 105th out of 331 people.
Break down of times as follows:
Swim (including transition to bike) 12:27
Bike 39:41
Run 21:57 (including transition from Bike to run)
I wasn't really concerned about my time but more about enjoying the expirience of my first triathlon. I am happy with those times (I would have like a better swim time but that can be fixed)
The whole day was so much fun, and I can't wait to do another one, I think I will be doing one on July 18th.
I had my own little cheering section, Jen, Keir and Jen's mom and Dad came out along with our friends Mark, Sara and Paige and Jen's Gran, and Jen's sister in-law and her 3 kids William, Scarlet, and Holly. Thanks to everyone for coming out.
I would recommend this race to anyone wanting to do a triathlon, it was an great location, nice people, and great atmosphere.

That is all for now
Take care
Triathlet... err I mean Ewan

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

-Father's Day-
On Sunday it was Father's Day, which was my first Father's Day as a Father. I am not one to get all excited about manufactured holidays but this was pretty neat. We really didn't do anything special for the day, (that's not entirely true, we went over to my parents for supper with my brother) but in retrospect: just spending the day with Keir (and it was the whole day, cause he was up at 6am) and Jen was very special. I have come to really enjoy the time on the weekends, it really does not matter what we do. So long as Keir and Jen are there on the weekend I find myself really happy.
Enough mushy stuff... On the weekend Keir was watching me eat an apple and was looking very interested in it. So I let him try and take a bite. It was not much of a bite because he only has his two bottom teeth. But he did manage to suck on the apple a bit. He seemed to really enjoy it, after the initial shock of the sourness of the apple wore off.
My first ever triathlon is coming up this weekend. I am very excited. I am trying not to do to much training this week so I can be fresh for the weekend. I will let you know how it goes.
That is all for now
Take Care

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

-7 Months-
Keir is seven months old today. Happy Birthday little buddy. Over the weekend Keir developped a little bit of a cold. Well he really just had a runny nose. On sunday night Jen said that she wasn't feeling so good. By Tuesday Jen was feeling pretty crummy, so I took the day off work to take Keir off her hands so she could get some much needed rest. By later on in the afternoon Jenn was feeling better. It was a hot day on Tuesday so we took the oppotunity to get Keir's little pool out. It is an inflatable pool, we had tried the pool a couple of weeks ago but it was not warm enough yet. After a little adjustment (he could figure out why it was not like his bath tub) Keir loved the pool. Here are some pictures of the event: (click on the pic to get a larger image)
Before Pool
In the pool
Keir swimming companion
Splashing in the pool
Smiles :-)
We did fill the pool with to much water, but Keir seemed to really enjoy it none the less.

Happy Seven Month Birthday Keir!

That is all for now
Take care

Monday, June 14, 2004

-Great Weekend-

What an amazing weekend. On Friday night our friends Mark and Sara came over for a BBQ. Both of us have little ones and have been real busy, so we had not seen Mark and Sara (and their little one Paige) in a long time. It was great to see them and catch up with everything in each others lives. Keir loves seeing other little kids so he was excited to meet Paige.
Here are some pics from Firday Night (click on them to see larger version).
Here is Paige and Keir
Here is Paige
Here is Paige and Keir
I called this one "Times Have Changed".
It was great to see Mark and Sara and Paige again. We are going to be getting together more often, actually we are going out to there place for Canada Day on July 1st.

Saturday started of weird, usually I get up a 5:30 and have my breakfast and do my Bike/run and I am back at the house around 8. Well this Saturday, I got up at 5:30 but Keir decided to get up also. So I had my breakfast and entertained Keir until around 7 when we got really tired and went back to bed. I got to go out at 7, which was nice cause it is a little warmer than @ 6am. I decided to do 40km on the Bike and a 7.5km run (I want to do some longer distances before my race on the 27th) Everything went well, but it was a little bit busier than i was used to on the paths. I was back by 9 and after that our neighbourhood was have a big garage sale, so we went around the neighbourhood to check it out. My mum and dad came with us and ended up getting some stuff for some good prices.
In the afternoon: Jen, Keir and I biked into Ottawa with the intention of having some lunch in Ottawa. We did not know but the section of Ottawa we biked to was closed for a street festival called WestFest. It really cool the main street closed and had hundreds of people walking around.
Here are some pics from the afternoon.
The closed Street (That is my Dad's office above the "Castle" the top floor of the building in the top left corner of the picture)
Me and Keir
Lunch, Jen and Keir

On Sunday we took it easy, but went and got some more plants for the garden at the front of the house. It was good to get that done because we had been wanting to do some more with the garden for some time now. Everything looks real good.

That is all for now
Take Care

Monday, June 07, 2004

-Happy Birthday-

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday, my mom invited several of his friends over along with my brother and Keir, Jen and I. There was a nice meal but the "Piece de Resitance" was the 2 cakes Jen made for hi.
Coconut Lime Curd Cake
An Angel Food Cake

The cakes were delicious! I had four pieces which I probably why I swam so slow at my morning swim today.

In other news, Keir got his first bike helmet. This means we will be able to tow him in his Chariot. Here are some pics of him modeling the new hemlet:

The helmet was the smallest you could buy, xxs, but we still had to put in extra padding inside so it would fit his head.

That is all for now
Take care

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Here are some more recent photos.(Click on image for a larger version)
Keir fell alseep sitting on the couch, this one was SO FUNNY. Keir tries to fight his sleepyness, we think he does not want to fall asleep and miss anything. This picture was the result of him losing the sleep battle!

Keir still loves his bathes, this picture is him smiling in the tub.

I mentioned last post about Baby Einstein Well this picture is called 3 Favorite things: Baby Einstein is on the TV, he is reading his new animal sounds book, and his Mom is the 3rd favorite thing!

The Last couple of times we have gone over to my parents house Keir has taken intrest in my mom's piano. He likes to bang on the keys and make lots of noise.

I had a really good run last night, the temp was not to hot, it was sunny out. I wanted to keep going longer than my 10km but decided against it.
That is all for now.
Take care

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

-Still Here, Honest-
I have not dissappeared, really... I have just been a little slack in posting over the last couple of weeks. OK a lot slack. Things have been really busy in our house for the past couple of weeks.
Keir had his 6 month doctor's appointment today and everything went very well. His numbers look like this:
18.5lbs (that is in the 75 percentile for his age)
28.5 inches tall (that is in the 95 percentile for his age!!!! I guess he is going to be tall just like Dad).
We have found the greatest invention in the world for parents. It is called Baby Einstein. They are a company that produces all sorts of baby related products. They have a line of DVD/Videos. These videos are amazing, and Keir absolutely LOVES them. His current favorite DVD is Baby Galileo. When we put it in the player he is so involved in the DVD that it gives mommy and daddy a nice break. Any parents with babies out there, these things are a must.
Keir is also a lot more vocal, and he babbles a whole lot now.
My mum is over in Scotland right now, so Keir sent this pic over to his Gran. He then proceeded to try and eat the sign

I am doing my first triathlon in 25 days. It is in Smiths Falls, which just happens to be Jen's hometown.More info on the Triathlon here. I am really excited about it, although I am a little nervous about the swim portion. I know I can do the swim, the question is can I do it with 650 other people?

That is all for now.
Take Care,

Monday, May 17, 2004

I have not updated anything in a week, haven't really had the time recently. Things are very busy during the week with the swimming, running, and biking, with Keir and the beautiful weather we have been having here (we are trying to spend more time outside) so time to update the blog is not a lot.
Anyway, as I mentioned before, the weather last week and on the weekend was awesome. Saturday I got up early (5:30am) had my breakfast and did a "Brick" workout. What is a Brick workout you ask, well it is usually a bike ride followed immediately by a run. I did a 30km Bike ride and 10km run and was back home 7:45am. I actually had a pretty quick run; probably cause i wasn't pushing Keir (he was still sleeping).
Sunday was Keir's 6 month birthday, it was also Jen's mom's B-day as well. We all went out for a Birthday Breakfast at Cora. This place is awesome, the portions are huge and there is a load of variety in the menu. If you ever get the chance to eat at a Cora's restaurant you should.
After that it was back to our house, where Jen's mum and dad to Keir for a walk and Jen and I did some gardening out front. The front needed some work so it was nice to get it done. When they got back from the walk it was cake time. Jen made a wicked angel food cake with whip-cream and raspberries and chocolate!

It is hard to believe that my wife and I have a 6 Month old, but he has brought so much love and happiness into our lives that i have not really noticed the 6 months go by.

That is all for now
Take Care

Monday, May 10, 2004

The Smartest Little Boy in the Universe

What a weekend; the weather was nice, it was Jen's first Mother's Day on Sunday and drum roll please.............. Keir said "Dada" on Friday night (he said it twice) and then again on Saturday and Sunday!
Words cannot describe the feeling you get when your son says his first word and on top of that it is "Dada"!
When it first happened, Jen and I didn't really believe that it had happened (if that makes any sense!). We looked at each other and we both realized at the same time what had just happened, and then I started to jump up and down, everyone was happy.
Later that night after his bath he said it again, and then once more on Saturday and again on Sunday.
On Mother's Day (Sunday) we had my mother, my father, brother over for a Mother's Day Brunch. It was really nice, I made a Potato and Spinach Frittata. I had never made a Frittata before but I think it turned out ok.
On Saturday we had Ron, Tina and Kaylee over for a BBQ. Kaylee is a couple of months younger than Keir, and his future girlfriend! We were talking about how much things have changed in a year. A year ago neither of us knew that we had little ones on the way. We also commented that this is the happiest we have ever been.
Also on Saturday, I went to check out my friend David surfing. Yes I did say surfing and no I did not fly to Hawaii or anywhere warm.
David was surfing at the Champlain Bridge rapids, I guess the water level is high enough that he can surf in the rapids. It was amazing, there was a bunch of kayakers there(it is very popular place to kayak) but he was the only one surfing. The water was cold he said it was 4-6 degrees!
Here is photographic proof:

That is all for now
Take Care

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

-Why is it-

Why is it that the weekends are always bad weather and the week days are always the best weather of the week? It was like that here this weekend. On Wednesday and Thursday temperature was up in the 20 (that is celcius). So what was the weather like on the weekend, cold and rainy! I did manage to get a ride and run in on Saturday, but Sunday it just poured.
On Sunday we had a nice day, even though it was raining and Keir was a bit kranky(we think it's another tooth!): We went to Sasloves Meat Market in town, they specialize in Organic meat. Their prices were really good, just the same as the regular Supermarkets non-organic meat. I will try some of there products this weekend. It is nice to see this type of place in Ottawa with competitive prices and excellent product. After that we went to my parents for supper, they had invited Bill and Sue (who are great family friends) for supper also. Everyone got to see Keir even if he was a little kranky.

Some random pics

That is all for now
Take Care

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

-Neither Wind nor Sleet...-
Yesterday, Tuesday, I biked into work for the first time this year. The weather prediction (that may be an oxy-moron) said it was going to be nice. Well it was not. In the morning, the ride in was a little wet because it had rained over night. So I was a little damp. I made it in 1hour and 14minutes OK for 30.5km. On the way home it was a different story. At 3 I was excited about going home, the route home (same as the route to work but reverse) was almost all downhill, so I should be able to make it home quicker than I came in this morning, theoretically!
Well it was so windy for the first half of the ride home that I felt like I was biking in quick-sand. By the time I got to the bridge (about 2/3 of the way home) it had been raining for 10minutes not strong, but enough to get wet. Rain I can handle. It was still very windy and with about 1km left to home, the skies opened up and the temperature dropped and it started to hail on top of all the rain!
I ended up getting home in 1hour 18mins, not bad considering all the elements I had to face.
Total for the day 61km in 2hour 34mins.
My legs felt fine this morning in the pool, we will see how they do on tonight’s run!
Keir is doing great, a regular chatter box (no words, lots of interesting sounds and noises) and his two chomper teeth are getting bigger and bigger each day.
That is all for now
Take care

Thursday, April 22, 2004

-Chomper1 and Chomper2-
Keir has his first two teeth! It started with his chomper1, lower right anterior (that is from Jen), coming through and now chomper2, lower left anterior, is starting to show as well.
There was a couple of rough nights where the teeth coming in were bothering Keir. It supposedly gets easier as more and more teeth come in.
If you put your finger into Keir's mouth you had better watch out because chomper1 or chomper2 will get you!
I have tried to get some photos of Keir's teeth but as you can imagine it is hard to get Keir to stay still long enough to get a good shot.
The quest for Tooth Pictures will go on!
Keir is very loud, he is making all sorts of noise. Lots of babbling, grunting, cooing, and mumbling. I swear I have heard him say several words all ready; you just have to listen really carefully ;-)
That is all for now
Take care

Friday, April 16, 2004

-Happy Birthday-
Keir is 5 months old today!
I can't believe that he is that old already. It seems like only a couple of weeks ago we were just bringing him home.
On the other hand it also feels like Keir has been a part of us for a long time now. It is hard to remember life before Keir.
I am not complaining, just observing.
Like Jen says "I wouldn't trade Keir for anything in the world!"
Happy Birthday Keir.
You make your mom and dad smile :-)
Take care

Thursday, April 15, 2004

-Go Sens Go-
Last night was a huge game for the Ottawa Senators in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Sens have been eliminated by the Leafs three of the past four years, and there is a preety healthy rivalry between the two teams/cities. They had also been shutout the past two games of the series.
If they lost last night they would have been down 3 games to 1 in the series and been in lots of trouble. The Sens had outplayed the Leafs the first three games of the series but Ed Belfour(the leafs goalie) had played even better and shut them out in game two and three.
Last night they won the game 4-1 and outplayed the Leafs.
Keir did his part wearing his Sens jersey
The series is now tied 2-2, and the next game is Friday evening. Hopefully the Sens bring the same intensity and commitment to the next game as they have for the first four games.
Go Sens Go
Take Care

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

-Sweet Potatoes-

Keir has moved on from rice cereal to "purees". He has eaten strained peas, apple sauce, strained pears, and his favorite strained sweet potato.
He really does like the sweet potatoes the most, it is the only one he does not make a face when he first tastes them. Here is a picture of Keir eating:

Jen has done lots of reading about when to start "solid" foods, and Tracy gave us a book, this past weekend, with lots of amazing recipes and many helpful hints.
Speaking of things Tracy and Wally gave us. They gave us two things that they swore by during their kids younger years.

The backpack is amazing, we have used it many times since we have gotten home from Hamilton. It is great for going in public places and walks. Keir likes being high up and see everything that is going on.
The play-centre is great also. Keir will sit in it for an hour or so and play away. It is nice cause it gives mom and dad a break!
Take Care

Monday, April 12, 2004

-Stoney Creek-

This past weekend was the Easter long weekend. We took this opportunity to visit out friends Wally and Tracy and the two boys Jake and Rowan in Stoney Creek Ontario (it is a suburb of Hamilton, which is about an hour south west of Toronto).
The Ride Down...
We drove down Friday. We were not sure how Keir would do being in the car for so long, but he was really good. We stopped twice once for lunch and another two hours later just before Toronto. The trip down took just around six hours including stops. The traffic was bad going through Toronto but it usually is so it was not really a big surprise.
The Weekend...
The weekend itself was great. Nice weather and it was great to catch up with Wally and Tarcy. It was sunny all weekend and the vegetation seemed so much greener than back home. We went to the Hamilton Farmers Market. It is all indoors and very impressive. The variety and choice of produce/product available at this market is amazing. I wish there was something like it in Ottawa (I know about the Byward Market but it isn't even close). We also went for a walk on the Bruce Trail which runs around the Niagara Escarpment. It was nice to see the boys, whom we had not seen in about a year. Jake is 3.5 and Rowan is just over 2 and are a handful for Wally and Tracy.
We had a wonderful weekend visiting really good friends.
The Ride Home...
Same as the ride down but a little quicker because we left Sunday Morning and avoided any traffic in Toronto.

Here are some pictures of the trip.

That is all for now
Take care

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

-Keir's Girlfreind-
Here is a link to some pictures of our friends Ronny and Tina little bundle Kaylee:

Thats all for now
Take Care

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

-We Like Rice-
Big news from the land of the Hardies: Keir is eating SOLID food. Well ok it not really solid food, he is eating rice cereal mixed with mommy's milk. It looks a little like some weird runny pudding. Keir has been watching us eat with great interest for the past couple of weeks and coupled with the fact he has been drinking from his sippy cup for a while now, we figured that he was ready to start on some food.
His reaction to his first spoonful of the rice cereal was priceless. He made this funny face like:What the heck is this!Butt by the third or forth spoonful he was very much into the whole process. He eats twice a day once in the morning and again at suppertime with mommy and dad. I got some pictures of the events but I haven't had the chance to go through them yet.
We had a bit of a rough night last Thursday; Keir didn't want to sleep and told us how he felt about it! He cried for most of the night and really didn't sleep from 10pm till 7:30am the next morning. It was like he didn't want to be in his crib; every time we took him out he would stop but as soon as he went back the crying would start up again. The next night was a little better and a whole lot less crying, he cried a bit when he first put him into his crib but stop and slept in his crib. Hopefully things are back to normal in the sleep department but you never know.

That is all for now

Take care

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Little Visitor...
Working at my desk this morning I saw this little fella:

I think I am starting to get a hand of our digital camera. When we first got our digital camera, I thought it would just be point and shoot with excellent results. But as I soon found out not every picture is guarantee to be great. You do have to put some thought it the various factors that make up a photo. Taking a good photo is very rewarding because you can look back at the photo with a great deal of satisfaction.
Keir did not sleep very well last night and was up @ 5:30am but did go back to sleep after 8 am and slept till 10am. But other than that Keir is doing really well and is a joy to watch for his mum and dad!

That is all for now
Take care

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

-Let Sleeping Babies Lie-

It is 9am and Keir is still sleeping! He went to bed at 8pm last night. I think he woke up only twice. All the experts say that babies start to sleep for long periods right around this time. It is nice because Keir has a nice long sleep and we get some time to ourselves.

Here are some pictures from Sunday night. We went over to my parents for supper, Keir really enjoyed himself. We got to sit outside on their deck and enjoy the sun.

Take Care

Monday, March 29, 2004

Sunday Beautiful Sunday...

Here in Ottawa Sunday was absolutely beautiful, I am not sure what the high temperature was but it was sunny all day. Jen, Keir and I took the opportunity to go for a nice long walk, Keir slept the whole time we were out.
Jen and I were talking on the walk about the number of people that were outside doing something. It is really amazing here in Canada, most people hide inside all winter and when that first nice warm day comes along it is like a signal to come outside.
The nice weather means that it is Barbeque season! Tonight we will have some hamburgers. Here is a trick for the next time you do hamburgers. Don't buy the minced meat, buy a nice cut of meat (I usually buy a Sirloin Tip) and throw it in your food processor and create your own minced meat. It is much better (and cheaper), and this way you know what is in your meat. You do want to choose a cut that has a little but of marbling because you need that for the BBQ.

Keir has started to drink water out of his "sippy" cup. He really wants to do it all by himself. He gets very excited when you put the cup down. He has his good sips and bad sips, but I guess he is just learning.
I will post pictures of the whole process soon. It is funny!

Take Care

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Post what post....
I have not posted all week, I am not sure why. I was busy at work with several meeting and workshops throughout the week, but I guess that is no excuse.
So here is a round up off this past week.

  • Keir has been very good a sleeping. He now goes to sleep on his own in his crib without any fussing.

  • Keir sat up under his own power

  • Keir has out grown his baby tub and is now in the big boy bath tub

Here are a couple of photos from the past week.
Super Keir
Keir "Eating" at a High Chair
Keir and his cousin Holly

I rode my bike on the trainer for two hours yesterday morning and then in the afternoon i went for a swim. At the swim we did some intervals and half way throught the set I was dead. I think there is a reason why most people do their swimming in the morning. It really does take a lot out of you. So instead of doing 50m intervals we switched to 25m which I could keep up with. Things are warming up here nicely so I should be able to get outside on my bike real soon, and running has become a lot more enjoyable.

That is all for now
Take care

Monday, March 22, 2004

Bad Day Returns...

Well my Saturday "Bad Day" strikes again. On top of everything that happened on Staurday I also left my swim suit at the pool on Saturday, so when I got to the pool for my swim this morning guess what I was missing? Yep no swim suit! Kind of hard to swim without one, well without geting arrested!
Sunday was really nice, we went to a shower for Jen's cousin Cristopher and his wife Julie who are having a baby at the end of April. Keir was the hit of the party, smiling at everybody and generally just being cute. Keir's cousin Holly(who is 11 days younger than Keir) was also there and they got to spend some time together.
Keir even fell asleep at the shower, which impressed both Jen and I.

That is all for now
Take care

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Ever had one of those days?

I guess my day was not as bad as so people bad days but this past Saturday was “one of those days”.
The day started of pretty good I got up at 6am and went for a run (with Keir in his chariot carrier). I wanted to go for a “long” run. I wanted to go on the bike path (which is right near our house) but it was still a bit covered in snow. So I went to the area I have been running all winter. I ended up doing 16km and was out for 1hr and half. By the time I got back it was really snowing (yes it was technically the FIRST day of Spring).
I was supposed to meet my friend Mark at the University Pool at 3:30 but Jen wanted to take her cousins out into Ottawa also around that time. No problem I will just borrow my parents car, they are away for the weekend. I called my brother to make sure he did not need the car but I could not get a hold of him. SO I figure he does not need the car.
Jen’s mom and Uncle and Aunt are coming to the house at 4:30-4:45 but I think I can be back from I swim right around then. So I rush out to swim, meet my friend and go to the pool. On the way to the pool I get a call from Jen on my cell: “Where is the stroller for Keir?” she asks. “Oh I took it out of the car on Friday and forgot to put it back in” I said. “Well we got out to the shopping centre and didn’t have the stroller so we had to turn around and go home” “Oops sorry, I am an idiot!”. I felt really bad for not putting the stroller back to where it always is stored.
Inside the pool there are at least triple or quadruple the amount of people that are normally there (this weekend was then last weekend of Spring Break for kids). So trying to swim laps was very crowed. There were certain people that were forced into lanes that should not have been in those swimming lanes. Ok so I got held up and kicked a couple of times, not the end of the world.
So we shorten our swimming cause it was getting impossible. As I am going home I stop quickly into the grocery store to get some supplies for tonight’s supper. My phone rings, it is Jen “Where are you?” “I am just leaving the grocery store” “Well your brother is looking for the car!” “I will be home in five minutes”. I look at my phone and there are 9 missed calls, don’t have to look who those are from they must be from my brother.
Anyways I make it home, got to visit with Jen’s family for like 5 minutes, where my brother is waiting for the car.
Then to top everything of the Sens (our pro hockey team) blew a 2-1 lead and lost in Overtime!
It was like nothing was going right all day, but if I stop and think about it... if I considered that a bad day I am still doing all right!

That is all for now
Take care

Friday, March 19, 2004

Sleep Success....for now...

Jen and I are very happy this morning. We have been trying to get Keir to sleep in his crib all week with limited success. Last night however, we put Keir in his bed at around 8:30 and he only let out a couple of whimpers and after that we didn't hear a peep from him until 4am!!!!! Jen and I kept saying that this is to good to be true and kept going up to check on him.
We both know that we will probably have some bad night in the future but hopefully we have "turned over a new leaf" in the sleep department.
Keep your fingers crossed
Take care

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Sleep Success...

Last night went better with Keir eventually falling asleep in his crib. He did cry for a while but he did fall asleep. It is very hard as a parent to listen to your child cry, espcially when he sounds like he has been shot! But both Jen and i know that Keir has to learn how to fall asleep in his own crib by himself. Talking to other parents around work they all say the same thing, it is very hard but it does not last that long and they do learn how to fall asleep themselves.
Jen's cousins Robin and Megan are coming up from Toronto to spend the night atr our place on Friday night, so hopefully Keir will be a little but better by then.

That is all for now
Take care

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

New Look and No Sleep...

In case you don't know i changed the look of the site around a little bit, I hope you like it.

We tried to get Keir to sleep in his crib last night, he used to sleep in his crib but the last month he has been sleep in bed with mommy. It did not go over so well. keir cried and cried and cried some more. He was NOT happy! The books say to let the babies cry themselves to sleep, but after 10mins of crying we could not take it any more and took him out of the crib.
We are going to try again tonight I hope it goes better tonight.

Take care

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Ouchy Needles and a Happy Birthday to you...

Well Keir had his 4 month checkup yesterday (Monday). Everything went well; here are the stats from the Doctors visit; Weight 16lbs, Length 26.5 inches, and one needle in the leg. Jen said Keir was very good and he only cried for a little bit when he got the needle (who can blame him, those things hurt! Especially for a little guy). According to the doctors chart Keir is in the 97th percentile for Height and 90th percentile for weight! Ok so he is going to be a big boy! Once Keir and Jen got Keir had a nice long nap, something he usually doesn't do, but he must have been tired for the morning’s activities. After his nap Keir then proceeded to help his mom fold HIS laundry . After that Keir slept some more in his Chariot when I took him out for a run. Those Chariot strollers are the greatest thing for active people with young children. They are well worth the money.
Today Keir is officially 4 months old! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home. It is amazing to stop and think about the changes that have taken place with Keir in the last four months. He has always had a very strong personality but in the last month he has really been able to start to show his emotions. He laughs a LOT. He smiles at people he recognizes (that is the highlight of my day when I get home from work and I see Keir for the first time he is always happy to see me). He is very determined to sit up on of these days.

That is all for now
Happy Birthday Keir

Take care


Monday, March 15, 2004

Keir and Kaylee...

Keir is into grabbing things these days. He likes to pick up things and then shake them about for a little while and the drop them on to the ground. He thinks it is pretty funny to watch his parents pick things up when he drops them. It is a pretty funny exercise. He is also enjoying putting things in his mouth. Peoples hands, his toys, basically anything he touches!
On Sunday we went out to our friends Ron and Tina. They just had a baby on Monday March 8th. They had a beautiful baby girl named Kaylee. We brought them a nice home cooked meal (lasagna, a nice bottle of wine, brownies and ice cream). Jen thought it would be nice to give them a meal, there was enough there for a couple of meals. The first week Keir was home my mom took care of the meals for us. It is just one last thing worry about.
Jen is looking forward to spending some time with Tina. It will be really good for Jen and Tina to have each other throughout the next year. The running joke was that Keir and Kaylee are boyfriend and girlfriend!
Today Keir has his 4 month doctor appointment; Keir has been very good on his last two visits so keep your fingers crossed.

Take Care

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Happy Feet...
While Keir was in his Jolly Jumper last night, I did some fooling around with our camera and here is the result:

Keir has really gotten good in the Jumper.
That is all for now
Take Care