Sunday, March 21, 2004

Ever had one of those days?

I guess my day was not as bad as so people bad days but this past Saturday was “one of those days”.
The day started of pretty good I got up at 6am and went for a run (with Keir in his chariot carrier). I wanted to go for a “long” run. I wanted to go on the bike path (which is right near our house) but it was still a bit covered in snow. So I went to the area I have been running all winter. I ended up doing 16km and was out for 1hr and half. By the time I got back it was really snowing (yes it was technically the FIRST day of Spring).
I was supposed to meet my friend Mark at the University Pool at 3:30 but Jen wanted to take her cousins out into Ottawa also around that time. No problem I will just borrow my parents car, they are away for the weekend. I called my brother to make sure he did not need the car but I could not get a hold of him. SO I figure he does not need the car.
Jen’s mom and Uncle and Aunt are coming to the house at 4:30-4:45 but I think I can be back from I swim right around then. So I rush out to swim, meet my friend and go to the pool. On the way to the pool I get a call from Jen on my cell: “Where is the stroller for Keir?” she asks. “Oh I took it out of the car on Friday and forgot to put it back in” I said. “Well we got out to the shopping centre and didn’t have the stroller so we had to turn around and go home” “Oops sorry, I am an idiot!”. I felt really bad for not putting the stroller back to where it always is stored.
Inside the pool there are at least triple or quadruple the amount of people that are normally there (this weekend was then last weekend of Spring Break for kids). So trying to swim laps was very crowed. There were certain people that were forced into lanes that should not have been in those swimming lanes. Ok so I got held up and kicked a couple of times, not the end of the world.
So we shorten our swimming cause it was getting impossible. As I am going home I stop quickly into the grocery store to get some supplies for tonight’s supper. My phone rings, it is Jen “Where are you?” “I am just leaving the grocery store” “Well your brother is looking for the car!” “I will be home in five minutes”. I look at my phone and there are 9 missed calls, don’t have to look who those are from they must be from my brother.
Anyways I make it home, got to visit with Jen’s family for like 5 minutes, where my brother is waiting for the car.
Then to top everything of the Sens (our pro hockey team) blew a 2-1 lead and lost in Overtime!
It was like nothing was going right all day, but if I stop and think about it... if I considered that a bad day I am still doing all right!

That is all for now
Take care

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