Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Ouchy Needles and a Happy Birthday to you...

Well Keir had his 4 month checkup yesterday (Monday). Everything went well; here are the stats from the Doctors visit; Weight 16lbs, Length 26.5 inches, and one needle in the leg. Jen said Keir was very good and he only cried for a little bit when he got the needle (who can blame him, those things hurt! Especially for a little guy). According to the doctors chart Keir is in the 97th percentile for Height and 90th percentile for weight! Ok so he is going to be a big boy! Once Keir and Jen got Keir had a nice long nap, something he usually doesn't do, but he must have been tired for the morning’s activities. After his nap Keir then proceeded to help his mom fold HIS laundry . After that Keir slept some more in his Chariot when I took him out for a run. Those Chariot strollers are the greatest thing for active people with young children. They are well worth the money.
Today Keir is officially 4 months old! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home. It is amazing to stop and think about the changes that have taken place with Keir in the last four months. He has always had a very strong personality but in the last month he has really been able to start to show his emotions. He laughs a LOT. He smiles at people he recognizes (that is the highlight of my day when I get home from work and I see Keir for the first time he is always happy to see me). He is very determined to sit up on of these days.

That is all for now
Happy Birthday Keir

Take care


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