Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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Very very slacking in the blog department but here is a pic of beautiful little Isla.
I will have more pics soon once I get the of the camera.
Isla is doing great, she is sleeping through the night (has been for the last 3 weeks!!!!!). Mom and Dad are catching up on the sleep they have been missing.
She can also say "dada" which makes me very happy :-) She seems much more verbal than Keir was at the same age.
She has developed a little "scooch" as a way of getting around. It is a half drag, half crawling move than she has perfected (and get up to speed very quick).
Keir is funny as ever, he is taking swimming lesson currently, and is enrolled for soccer this summer when we move out to Manotick.
Jenny is signed up for the 10km on race weekend at the National Capital Marathon and is running like crazy.
That is all for now
Take care