Sunday, October 05, 2008


Like the title says, we have been Quarantined for the last week or so. It two fridays ago when we noticed something on Keir's forehead. I jokingly said to Jen "haha that looks like chickenpoxs!" It turns out my joke was the correct diagnosis. and by then end of the weekend Keir was covered head to toe in "Chicken pops"(as Keir called them). Keir missed a whole week of school being quarantined.
It is kinda tricky to get an almost 5yr old to stop itching but it is even harder to get a 1yr old to stop itching.... that is right Isla burst out in chicken "pops" a couple of days after Keir did. Isla didn't seem to get the coverage on her body like Keir did, how ever she did manage to get a chickenpox on the inside of her eye lid. This made a whole bunch of swelling and puss!! That required at trip to a walk-in clinic for a prescription of eye drops. The eye drops have helped tremendously and the swelling has started to go down.
The quarantine is officially over and Keir should be back at school this week.
Oh yeah, guess what Keir has on tuesday? That is right School Pictures, perfect for someone who is just getting over "chicken pops" ;-)

Take care