Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Manotick 10km Road Race

Been a while since I have posted on the blog (hanging out on Facebook too much), but this past weekend I ran I my first race of the season, a 10km Road race in Manotick. It was great doing a race in our community!! Below is my race report, it has some notes to myself for future races about training and pacing, you can ignore those if you so choose.
Manotick 10km Road Race
Pre Race: had a great sleep on Thursday (our power was out so I went to bed when the kids went to bed and slept in, could not ride bike in dark), nutrition was not great on Thursday (no power so we ate at McDs). Training for the week was good, and I had a fairly big bike weekend the weekend before (Easter Long Weekend).
Race morning: Woke up at 5am to ride the bike 45min (3*2min hard and 5 *30secs pick ups). After that it was breakfast, watching cartoons with the kids and lots of bathroom visits( tummy felt un-easy )
Warm up: Because this is a truly local race I was able to run over to the race(2.6km). Most of it was at a nice EZ pace but with a couple of drills and strides thrown in. Once at the race site I did a little more running warm up with some pick ups to race pace.
The race start was delayed 20mins but it was no big deal as it was such a nice day. The start was announced so we lined up at the front and I was ready to rock.
1km: went out fast first 500m and I kept seeing 3:30 pace, after that consciously tried to slow pace down, slowed down too much saw 4:05, still went through 3:44. I was running in second place, the first place runner was way out in front(about 20-30secs)
Gun has gone and I am in first place
A second or two later and I am still in first place, but not by much ;)
A couple more seconds later and the lead is all but gone, and that would be the closest I got to the leader for the rest of the race!
2km and 3km : felt good settled into nice pace,  3 to 4 was a little slow 3:47 running on the gravel bank on Bankfield 
Went through 5km at 18:56 feeling pretty good.
6km  slowed down through park area lots of turns on wet mud(isn't mud always wet??) with no traction.
6 to 7km is was the only “bad” km should have put the gas down but backed off for some reason.
8km 9km got back in the game and started trying to catch the lead runner again, could have still pushed couple of secs faster.
9 to 10km dropped the hammer ran 3:37
Ended up 2 overall
Crossing the finish line

Happy with the race overall missed 37:xx by 2 secs lost that km 7. I think I executed the race well, but could have “raced” it better but I have run an open 10km in two years so a little rusty on pacing a 10km.

A pic of Keir and Isla "monkeying" around at the race
and finally Isla being silly for the camera (actually I think she is eating something here but she just looks so darn cute)
Full results here: http://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.php?lang=eng&racecode=47827 

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