Monday, May 17, 2004

I have not updated anything in a week, haven't really had the time recently. Things are very busy during the week with the swimming, running, and biking, with Keir and the beautiful weather we have been having here (we are trying to spend more time outside) so time to update the blog is not a lot.
Anyway, as I mentioned before, the weather last week and on the weekend was awesome. Saturday I got up early (5:30am) had my breakfast and did a "Brick" workout. What is a Brick workout you ask, well it is usually a bike ride followed immediately by a run. I did a 30km Bike ride and 10km run and was back home 7:45am. I actually had a pretty quick run; probably cause i wasn't pushing Keir (he was still sleeping).
Sunday was Keir's 6 month birthday, it was also Jen's mom's B-day as well. We all went out for a Birthday Breakfast at Cora. This place is awesome, the portions are huge and there is a load of variety in the menu. If you ever get the chance to eat at a Cora's restaurant you should.
After that it was back to our house, where Jen's mum and dad to Keir for a walk and Jen and I did some gardening out front. The front needed some work so it was nice to get it done. When they got back from the walk it was cake time. Jen made a wicked angel food cake with whip-cream and raspberries and chocolate!

It is hard to believe that my wife and I have a 6 Month old, but he has brought so much love and happiness into our lives that i have not really noticed the 6 months go by.

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Monday, May 10, 2004

The Smartest Little Boy in the Universe

What a weekend; the weather was nice, it was Jen's first Mother's Day on Sunday and drum roll please.............. Keir said "Dada" on Friday night (he said it twice) and then again on Saturday and Sunday!
Words cannot describe the feeling you get when your son says his first word and on top of that it is "Dada"!
When it first happened, Jen and I didn't really believe that it had happened (if that makes any sense!). We looked at each other and we both realized at the same time what had just happened, and then I started to jump up and down, everyone was happy.
Later that night after his bath he said it again, and then once more on Saturday and again on Sunday.
On Mother's Day (Sunday) we had my mother, my father, brother over for a Mother's Day Brunch. It was really nice, I made a Potato and Spinach Frittata. I had never made a Frittata before but I think it turned out ok.
On Saturday we had Ron, Tina and Kaylee over for a BBQ. Kaylee is a couple of months younger than Keir, and his future girlfriend! We were talking about how much things have changed in a year. A year ago neither of us knew that we had little ones on the way. We also commented that this is the happiest we have ever been.
Also on Saturday, I went to check out my friend David surfing. Yes I did say surfing and no I did not fly to Hawaii or anywhere warm.
David was surfing at the Champlain Bridge rapids, I guess the water level is high enough that he can surf in the rapids. It was amazing, there was a bunch of kayakers there(it is very popular place to kayak) but he was the only one surfing. The water was cold he said it was 4-6 degrees!
Here is photographic proof:

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

-Why is it-

Why is it that the weekends are always bad weather and the week days are always the best weather of the week? It was like that here this weekend. On Wednesday and Thursday temperature was up in the 20 (that is celcius). So what was the weather like on the weekend, cold and rainy! I did manage to get a ride and run in on Saturday, but Sunday it just poured.
On Sunday we had a nice day, even though it was raining and Keir was a bit kranky(we think it's another tooth!): We went to Sasloves Meat Market in town, they specialize in Organic meat. Their prices were really good, just the same as the regular Supermarkets non-organic meat. I will try some of there products this weekend. It is nice to see this type of place in Ottawa with competitive prices and excellent product. After that we went to my parents for supper, they had invited Bill and Sue (who are great family friends) for supper also. Everyone got to see Keir even if he was a little kranky.

Some random pics

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