Tuesday, May 04, 2004

-Why is it-

Why is it that the weekends are always bad weather and the week days are always the best weather of the week? It was like that here this weekend. On Wednesday and Thursday temperature was up in the 20 (that is celcius). So what was the weather like on the weekend, cold and rainy! I did manage to get a ride and run in on Saturday, but Sunday it just poured.
On Sunday we had a nice day, even though it was raining and Keir was a bit kranky(we think it's another tooth!): We went to Sasloves Meat Market in town, they specialize in Organic meat. Their prices were really good, just the same as the regular Supermarkets non-organic meat. I will try some of there products this weekend. It is nice to see this type of place in Ottawa with competitive prices and excellent product. After that we went to my parents for supper, they had invited Bill and Sue (who are great family friends) for supper also. Everyone got to see Keir even if he was a little kranky.

Some random pics

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