Saturday, May 31, 2008

Race Weekend

Well it has been some time since I have posted, been very busy with work, getting ready for the move, kids, training, world peace, etc....
On the weekend of May 24-25th was the Ottawa Race Weekend. Jen did the 10km on Saturday and I did the marathon on Sunday.
Saturday afternoon we headed down to watch Jenny run her race. Here is a pic of the whole family before the race....

Here is Jen and 10,000 of her closest running friends (sorry there was about 7500 registered for the 10km alone!)

After we left Jen I walked past a couple of the Kenyan's who were getting changed/ready for the start. Look at the size of their legs, I think my arms are bigger than there legs(and I don't have big arms!)

Keir and Isla were watching mommy run, we had positioned ourselves on Elgin street to watch the runners go by at about 1km(maybe not even that). Here is what it looked like as the runners came by, it was almost impossible to pick anybody out of the masses.

We did manage to see Jenny go by, she actually almost ran into us, as she was trying to pass people! Here is what Keir was doing, asking runners to "Stop!" Thankfully no body did :-)

After we saw Jenny go by at the 1km mark, we made our way to the finish to watch for Jenny, we got a call from my Dad who was at the 7km mark that Jenny was on her way.
Here she is nearing the finish, think she looks happy to be finishing

We met up with Jen after then finish, which was a feat in itself with all the people out there
Jenny did great in her first race, she finished in 62:30, she was a little frustrated because she lined up to far back in at the start, so she was stuck with slower runners that she had to work hard to pass a LOT of people.

I ran the marathon on Sunday. Things did not go as planned. The thursday and Friday before the race my stomach was funny, I thought it was just nerves but it turns out it was fighting something off. Sunday morning while making breakfast, I had a wicked set of cold sweats and spins, not the way to start the day! I managed to eat breakfast and I thought everything was OK.
My goal was to go under 3hrs, the plan was to stick like glue too the 3hr pace runner/bunny. The gun went off and I had forgotten completely about my stomach problems. he first 10km felt great (we went through in 41:52, right on pace for 3hrs) by 15km I realized that none of the calories I had consumed had been absorbed. but I wanted to go under 3hrs so I pressed on.
We went through 21.1km(half way) at 1:27:28 and I was still feeling pretty good, but the calories we still not being absorbed. I passed my parents at 25km, then at 26-7km mark the no calories started to take its toll, my energy levels were dropping and I was having troubles keeping pace with the 3hr group.
By 30km (2:06:33) I had lost the group, and I had to stop running as my stomach was revolting against me.
I ended up walking the last 12km, which was a very humbling experiences, every time I tried to run my stomach convinced me to stop! It took 2:04 to walk the final 12km.
Not the race I wanted but at least I finished. Somethings are beyond your control.
Here is a pic of me when I was feeling good
I will keep posting more often, the move to the new house is coming up soon(the end of June!)
That is all for now
Take care.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom and Isla

Here are some wonderful new pics of Isla and Jenny
These photos were taken by my mom, maybe that is where Neal gets his photography skills from ;-)
It is appropriate that these photos are posted this weekend, after all it is Mother's Day on Sunday.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there.