Saturday, February 28, 2004

Mr Chuckles...

Well this morning Keir was laughing at his Dad. I was talking to Keir and he just starting laughing for 5 to 10 second burst. It was very amusing! This week Keir's sleep patterns were a little out of whack and we had a couple of rough nights. This weekend Jen's mom is spending the weekend with us, which is nice break for us and Keir.

That’s all for now

Take care


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Early Bird....

Well Keir has started to get at around 7 am, much to mommy's chagrin. He used to sleep until 9 am. This is good news for me because I get to see Keir for a little bit before I go to work but on the other hand it is also hard to leave him when he is up and awake and stares at you with those big blue eyes. Keir has not slept through the night yet but we are anxiously awaiting that day.
I am very busy at work these days, we have a big project launching on March 31st so we are working to get everything ready.

That is all for now
Take care

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Boy's Night in...
Well last night was a success, Jen went out to her friends Michelle's Bachelorette party and Keir and I had a nice night in. Keir was very good for his dad. He had a good time in his Jolly Jumper© , he was really trying to get jumping, he is a very determined little boy and by then end of the his time in the Joly Jumper© he was pushing himself up very well.m,jokhjk, . bb That was Keir first attempt at typing he was sitting on my lap at the computer and just started bang away, he is a natural!
I also made a really good dish last night for supper, sort of a Thai/Vietnamese dish. Let me say that "I am not a chef, I just play one at home!" Anyways heres what I did...
-Mix some breadcrumbs the zest of 1 lime and some salt and pepper in a bowl
-Take a fillet of fish (I used snapper) and cover with breadcromb mixture
-in a pan heat up some seaseme oil with grated ginger and the juice of the lime on a high heat
-put the fillet in the pan cook on both side so that the outside is crispy
-once the crust has formed, put some coconut milk, chopped cilantro and minthe, and 1 chopped thai chilie in the pan with the fish
-reduce the heat and cover let simmer for about 10 minutes
-serve with rice and enjoy

Take Care

Saturday, February 21, 2004

This is our first posting...
Many changes in our lives over the past year so I have decided to create this blog to record and share our goings on with family friends and whomever.
Some introductions first
There are three of us here in the Hardie Family. My Wife Jen, our son Keir and I (Ewan).
Keir is three months old and the main reason behind this blog. I want family and friends to be able to view his progress.
Keir is amazing to watch, his latest thing is that he is sticking his tongue out which makes Jen and I laugh all the time!

It was my birthday yesterday, I took the day off work(i have been putting in lots of hours since X-Mas) and Jen Keir and I went for a skate on the Rideau Canal, which was lots of fun. After that Jen and I had an nice meal at the Village Cafe in Westboro while my mum and dad babysat. It was nice to get out just the two of us. We talked a lot about how things have changed since my last birthday (we did not know Keir was coming then) but we both agreed that we are very happy with the direction our lives are heading. Then it was back home for cake with my mum, dad, Keir, and Jen.
I can honestly say it was my best birthday ever.

Jen is going out to a friends bachelorette party, so it will be a boys night in at the Hardie Household, hopefully things go smooth.

Anyways I got to go and shovel some snow, one of the perks of living in Canada :-) !
More to come...
Take care