Sunday, February 22, 2004

Boy's Night in...
Well last night was a success, Jen went out to her friends Michelle's Bachelorette party and Keir and I had a nice night in. Keir was very good for his dad. He had a good time in his Jolly Jumper© , he was really trying to get jumping, he is a very determined little boy and by then end of the his time in the Joly Jumper© he was pushing himself up very well.m,jokhjk, . bb That was Keir first attempt at typing he was sitting on my lap at the computer and just started bang away, he is a natural!
I also made a really good dish last night for supper, sort of a Thai/Vietnamese dish. Let me say that "I am not a chef, I just play one at home!" Anyways heres what I did...
-Mix some breadcrumbs the zest of 1 lime and some salt and pepper in a bowl
-Take a fillet of fish (I used snapper) and cover with breadcromb mixture
-in a pan heat up some seaseme oil with grated ginger and the juice of the lime on a high heat
-put the fillet in the pan cook on both side so that the outside is crispy
-once the crust has formed, put some coconut milk, chopped cilantro and minthe, and 1 chopped thai chilie in the pan with the fish
-reduce the heat and cover let simmer for about 10 minutes
-serve with rice and enjoy

Take Care

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