Monday, March 29, 2004

Sunday Beautiful Sunday...

Here in Ottawa Sunday was absolutely beautiful, I am not sure what the high temperature was but it was sunny all day. Jen, Keir and I took the opportunity to go for a nice long walk, Keir slept the whole time we were out.
Jen and I were talking on the walk about the number of people that were outside doing something. It is really amazing here in Canada, most people hide inside all winter and when that first nice warm day comes along it is like a signal to come outside.
The nice weather means that it is Barbeque season! Tonight we will have some hamburgers. Here is a trick for the next time you do hamburgers. Don't buy the minced meat, buy a nice cut of meat (I usually buy a Sirloin Tip) and throw it in your food processor and create your own minced meat. It is much better (and cheaper), and this way you know what is in your meat. You do want to choose a cut that has a little but of marbling because you need that for the BBQ.

Keir has started to drink water out of his "sippy" cup. He really wants to do it all by himself. He gets very excited when you put the cup down. He has his good sips and bad sips, but I guess he is just learning.
I will post pictures of the whole process soon. It is funny!

Take Care

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