Monday, March 15, 2004

Keir and Kaylee...

Keir is into grabbing things these days. He likes to pick up things and then shake them about for a little while and the drop them on to the ground. He thinks it is pretty funny to watch his parents pick things up when he drops them. It is a pretty funny exercise. He is also enjoying putting things in his mouth. Peoples hands, his toys, basically anything he touches!
On Sunday we went out to our friends Ron and Tina. They just had a baby on Monday March 8th. They had a beautiful baby girl named Kaylee. We brought them a nice home cooked meal (lasagna, a nice bottle of wine, brownies and ice cream). Jen thought it would be nice to give them a meal, there was enough there for a couple of meals. The first week Keir was home my mom took care of the meals for us. It is just one last thing worry about.
Jen is looking forward to spending some time with Tina. It will be really good for Jen and Tina to have each other throughout the next year. The running joke was that Keir and Kaylee are boyfriend and girlfriend!
Today Keir has his 4 month doctor appointment; Keir has been very good on his last two visits so keep your fingers crossed.

Take Care

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