Wednesday, June 23, 2004

-Father's Day-
On Sunday it was Father's Day, which was my first Father's Day as a Father. I am not one to get all excited about manufactured holidays but this was pretty neat. We really didn't do anything special for the day, (that's not entirely true, we went over to my parents for supper with my brother) but in retrospect: just spending the day with Keir (and it was the whole day, cause he was up at 6am) and Jen was very special. I have come to really enjoy the time on the weekends, it really does not matter what we do. So long as Keir and Jen are there on the weekend I find myself really happy.
Enough mushy stuff... On the weekend Keir was watching me eat an apple and was looking very interested in it. So I let him try and take a bite. It was not much of a bite because he only has his two bottom teeth. But he did manage to suck on the apple a bit. He seemed to really enjoy it, after the initial shock of the sourness of the apple wore off.
My first ever triathlon is coming up this weekend. I am very excited. I am trying not to do to much training this week so I can be fresh for the weekend. I will let you know how it goes.
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Take Care

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