Monday, June 07, 2004

-Happy Birthday-

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday, my mom invited several of his friends over along with my brother and Keir, Jen and I. There was a nice meal but the "Piece de Resitance" was the 2 cakes Jen made for hi.
Coconut Lime Curd Cake
An Angel Food Cake

The cakes were delicious! I had four pieces which I probably why I swam so slow at my morning swim today.

In other news, Keir got his first bike helmet. This means we will be able to tow him in his Chariot. Here are some pics of him modeling the new hemlet:

The helmet was the smallest you could buy, xxs, but we still had to put in extra padding inside so it would fit his head.

That is all for now
Take care

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