Monday, June 14, 2004

-Great Weekend-

What an amazing weekend. On Friday night our friends Mark and Sara came over for a BBQ. Both of us have little ones and have been real busy, so we had not seen Mark and Sara (and their little one Paige) in a long time. It was great to see them and catch up with everything in each others lives. Keir loves seeing other little kids so he was excited to meet Paige.
Here are some pics from Firday Night (click on them to see larger version).
Here is Paige and Keir
Here is Paige
Here is Paige and Keir
I called this one "Times Have Changed".
It was great to see Mark and Sara and Paige again. We are going to be getting together more often, actually we are going out to there place for Canada Day on July 1st.

Saturday started of weird, usually I get up a 5:30 and have my breakfast and do my Bike/run and I am back at the house around 8. Well this Saturday, I got up at 5:30 but Keir decided to get up also. So I had my breakfast and entertained Keir until around 7 when we got really tired and went back to bed. I got to go out at 7, which was nice cause it is a little warmer than @ 6am. I decided to do 40km on the Bike and a 7.5km run (I want to do some longer distances before my race on the 27th) Everything went well, but it was a little bit busier than i was used to on the paths. I was back by 9 and after that our neighbourhood was have a big garage sale, so we went around the neighbourhood to check it out. My mum and dad came with us and ended up getting some stuff for some good prices.
In the afternoon: Jen, Keir and I biked into Ottawa with the intention of having some lunch in Ottawa. We did not know but the section of Ottawa we biked to was closed for a street festival called WestFest. It really cool the main street closed and had hundreds of people walking around.
Here are some pics from the afternoon.
The closed Street (That is my Dad's office above the "Castle" the top floor of the building in the top left corner of the picture)
Me and Keir
Lunch, Jen and Keir

On Sunday we took it easy, but went and got some more plants for the garden at the front of the house. It was good to get that done because we had been wanting to do some more with the garden for some time now. Everything looks real good.

That is all for now
Take Care

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