Wednesday, June 16, 2004

-7 Months-
Keir is seven months old today. Happy Birthday little buddy. Over the weekend Keir developped a little bit of a cold. Well he really just had a runny nose. On sunday night Jen said that she wasn't feeling so good. By Tuesday Jen was feeling pretty crummy, so I took the day off work to take Keir off her hands so she could get some much needed rest. By later on in the afternoon Jenn was feeling better. It was a hot day on Tuesday so we took the oppotunity to get Keir's little pool out. It is an inflatable pool, we had tried the pool a couple of weeks ago but it was not warm enough yet. After a little adjustment (he could figure out why it was not like his bath tub) Keir loved the pool. Here are some pictures of the event: (click on the pic to get a larger image)
Before Pool
In the pool
Keir swimming companion
Splashing in the pool
Smiles :-)
We did fill the pool with to much water, but Keir seemed to really enjoy it none the less.

Happy Seven Month Birthday Keir!

That is all for now
Take care

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