Thursday, June 03, 2004

Here are some more recent photos.(Click on image for a larger version)
Keir fell alseep sitting on the couch, this one was SO FUNNY. Keir tries to fight his sleepyness, we think he does not want to fall asleep and miss anything. This picture was the result of him losing the sleep battle!

Keir still loves his bathes, this picture is him smiling in the tub.

I mentioned last post about Baby Einstein Well this picture is called 3 Favorite things: Baby Einstein is on the TV, he is reading his new animal sounds book, and his Mom is the 3rd favorite thing!

The Last couple of times we have gone over to my parents house Keir has taken intrest in my mom's piano. He likes to bang on the keys and make lots of noise.

I had a really good run last night, the temp was not to hot, it was sunny out. I wanted to keep going longer than my 10km but decided against it.
That is all for now.
Take care

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