Thursday, November 11, 2004

-Rememberance Day-
Today is Rememberance Day in Canada, I have the day of but Jen doesn't, so it is just me watching Keir! Keir has been very good and well behaved for his dad. I did manage to misplace my house key after stepping out this morning, some parent I am! We managed to get back into the house with a quick trip to my parents house for their spare key.
Keir has been walking all morning long, around and around. It is just amazing to watch him go.
Jen has been back at work for almost two weeks, it was very hard at first(it still is really) but things are going smoother. My mom is loving the time she gets to spend with Keir on a daily basis. Jen isn't working full time hours either so that makes things a little eaiser for everyone involved.
Keir has just woken up from his nap so I have to get going.
Just a quick thought about Rememberance Day itself, I can't help but be very thankful for the all the men and women of the armed forces who made any sort of sacrafice for the wonderful country we live in.
That is all for now
Take Care
Ewan(Mr Mom)

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