Tuesday, July 13, 2004

-Welcome Back-

Well I have not updated the blog in a couple of weeks. I have an excuse though, we were on VACATION!!! July 1st is a National holiday, it fell on a Thursday this year so I took Friday off and then the whole of the next week as well. Jen, Keir and I went up to Jen's Grandmothers cottage (which is just outside of Perth, about an hour out of Ottawa)
The cottage was wonderful and relaxing, I got a couple of swims in, and a couple of good runs also. But it was really nice just to spend the whole day with Keir and Jen. I have a ton of photos from the past weeks, and have only had a little time to go through them.
Keir in the Lake
Keir and I on the dock at the cottage
Keir swinging on Canada Day
Keir walking with my dad
On of the things Keir likes to do is bang on the drums with his unlce Neal.
Keir is doing so many new things,

  • His top two teeth have come trough

  • He can pull himself up to stand

  • He is very "talkative", he say's "Ba" a lot and laughs out loud for no real reason

This past weekend we also went to a beautiful wedding, in Toronto. It was Mark and Pascale's wedding. We left Keir with Jen's mom, aunt and uncle and cousins for the evening and left for a wonderful night. The wedding was all held at the MacLean House on the Sunnybrooke Hospital Estate. It was a beautiful setting, it was hard to believe that you were in the middle of Canada's largest and busiest city! The ceremony and meal was excellent. At 9:30 Jen was a little anxious to get home to Keir so we left the party at 10ish, we missed dessert :-(, and got home at 10:30. Jen said it was very hard for her to leave Keir for that long, eventhough she new he was in great hands. Well when we got back to Keir, he was all smiles. He had a great time with everyone. Hopefully it will get easier, for the parents, to leave Keir so that we can go out a little more and enjoy some time "sans-baby".
Here are a couple of random pics from the wedding:

The Bride walking in
The Ceremony
The Kiss
After the Kiss
The Hardie Family and the Bride

That is all for now
Take Care


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That Keir is the most beautiful baby boy- he must take his looks from his Gran!!!!