Monday, July 26, 2004

-Shuffle Monster-

Well Keir is really crawling now! He can basically crawl from one side of the room to the other (with a couple of rest stops along the way!). It started off as a sort of shuffle, he wasn't on all fours: one leg was still sort of bent. In this weird position he could "shuffle" around very well. The other day however; he finally figured out how to get both his knees underneeth him and now there is NO stopping him. He really seems to be genuinly enjoy moving about, always with a smile on his face. Actually Keir is a very happy little boy, except for when you ask him to sleep in his own crib!
His two top teeth are really coming in now, and his smile is now REALLY cute as a result (not that it wasn't cute before, he is just cuterer, if that is a word)
As mentioned above, we are having a whale of a time getting him to sleep in his own crib. He really lets you know how he feels, we have tried many different ways of getting him to sleep in the crib but all seem to have one common thread: Keir crying in the end. If anyone out there has any solutions/tips we are all ears, please.
We were at a beautiful wedding of our friends Mark and Mel on Friday. It was really a beautiful ceremony and we had an amazing time. I haven't upload our pictures yet but I will post that soon.
That all for now
Take care

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