Monday, August 23, 2004

-Busy, Busy, Busy-
Well once again I have been a little slow on updating anything here but I have an excuse, really, I do... OK not a good excuse but an excuse none the less. The excuse is: I was busy, I told you it wasn't a good excuse.
We were on vacation from August 7th to the 15th. We went up to the a cottage, that friends of ours let us use. The cottage and lake are beautiful but the weather was not, so we came home early. Keir did enjoy the water and got to go on lots of walks.
I have lots(and lots) of pictures of the vacation that I haven't gone through yet.
Keir has changed a lot since I last updated things here.
He no crawls with no problem and actually gets around really fast.
He won't stop "Talking", he babbles on to himself or anybody in his general direction.
He can climb stairs now! He goes up the stairs no problem but he hasn't figured out the down part just yet. Here is proof:
Stairs 1
Stairs 2
He has two more teeth, bringing his total to 6! The 2 teeth beside the big front teeth have started to come in.
He is sleeping in his own crib, and last night for the first time EVER he slept right through the whole night! I will tell you that is a great day(well night really) for parents. So cross your fingers that this trend continues.
That is all for now, I will get some pictures up soon.
Take care

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Sara said...

Hey Ewan, good to here from you.