Wednesday, December 15, 2004

-Hello, anybody there?-
OK so I am a little busy right now and haven't had a chance to post anything in over a month. We did have a party for Keir's birthday, there was cake and gifts and Keir really liked seeing everybody. I am amazed how social Keir is, he really does enjoy being around other people. I was a little worried that the party situation might be a little overwhelming for him. But he enjoy every minute of it. He even tried some of his cake!
I have lots of new pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet.
I will have some down time over the X-mas holidays. I am taking almost 2 weeks off. It will be nice to spend that much time with Keir and Jen.
We have been doing lots of X-country skiing, as we have gotten lots of snow here over the last couple of weeks.
I promise I will get lots more photos up in the coming weeks.
That is all for now
Take care

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