Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Well X-mas has come and gone for another year. This year was really special because it was Keir's first X-mas, second actually but last year he was just a month old. As you can expect Keir was spoiled pretty good. He really enjoyed all his gifts.
It started off bright and early in the morning at our house were he saw his main gift from his parents. It was a chalk board/easle for him to draw on.
He also got a phone , here he is opening it and then the phone in use. A big gift was the kid sized table and chairs form Big Granny H Those photos were from my parents place were we spent X-mas morning. We also had breakfast there
After that we came back to our house and Jen's mom and dad came over in the afternoon. So it was more gifts for Keir:
Among some of the gifts he got was a music set. After all the gifts were opened we had everyone over for X-mas dinner. It was a really nice meal, and as usual I ate far to much.
On boxing day we went in Jen's parents place for a brunch with Jen's side of the family. Here is my favorite picture from that day. It is of Keir being chased by his older cousins William and Scarlett. The kids had a LOT of fun with each other.
Here are some random pics from the holidays:
Keir in some of his new pyjama's
More PJs but notice his hair He had just wolk up and had some serious bed head.
Keir walked to the end of the driveway yeasterday. Here he is at the top
At the bottom very please with himself
Happy Again
Last pics (I promise)
These were taken during a spirited game of chase/hide and seek.
I am coming to get you
Well that is it for now
Take Care
Have a happy New Year

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Neil said...

To all at Apartment 5b, watched the pages with fun and anticipation! Keir looks so grown up now...what a difference in a year. Loved your Christmas day pics, much like our day spent at Euans grandma+grandads (my parents) before heading to Fi's parents for more of the same!
Hope you had a very Happy New Year bash and good wishes for 2005!
I need to update our site to show the Hogmanay pics...