Monday, April 12, 2004

-Stoney Creek-

This past weekend was the Easter long weekend. We took this opportunity to visit out friends Wally and Tracy and the two boys Jake and Rowan in Stoney Creek Ontario (it is a suburb of Hamilton, which is about an hour south west of Toronto).
The Ride Down...
We drove down Friday. We were not sure how Keir would do being in the car for so long, but he was really good. We stopped twice once for lunch and another two hours later just before Toronto. The trip down took just around six hours including stops. The traffic was bad going through Toronto but it usually is so it was not really a big surprise.
The Weekend...
The weekend itself was great. Nice weather and it was great to catch up with Wally and Tarcy. It was sunny all weekend and the vegetation seemed so much greener than back home. We went to the Hamilton Farmers Market. It is all indoors and very impressive. The variety and choice of produce/product available at this market is amazing. I wish there was something like it in Ottawa (I know about the Byward Market but it isn't even close). We also went for a walk on the Bruce Trail which runs around the Niagara Escarpment. It was nice to see the boys, whom we had not seen in about a year. Jake is 3.5 and Rowan is just over 2 and are a handful for Wally and Tracy.
We had a wonderful weekend visiting really good friends.
The Ride Home...
Same as the ride down but a little quicker because we left Sunday Morning and avoided any traffic in Toronto.

Here are some pictures of the trip.

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