Tuesday, April 13, 2004

-Sweet Potatoes-

Keir has moved on from rice cereal to "purees". He has eaten strained peas, apple sauce, strained pears, and his favorite strained sweet potato.
He really does like the sweet potatoes the most, it is the only one he does not make a face when he first tastes them. Here is a picture of Keir eating:

Jen has done lots of reading about when to start "solid" foods, and Tracy gave us a book, this past weekend, with lots of amazing recipes and many helpful hints.
Speaking of things Tracy and Wally gave us. They gave us two things that they swore by during their kids younger years.

The backpack is amazing, we have used it many times since we have gotten home from Hamilton. It is great for going in public places and walks. Keir likes being high up and see everything that is going on.
The play-centre is great also. Keir will sit in it for an hour or so and play away. It is nice cause it gives mom and dad a break!
Take Care

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