Wednesday, September 29, 2004

-Keir 2 Dada 0-
This won't be a long post but I felt i should share so here goes. Last night Clobered me in the nose with his little head, it was timed perfectly his head was coming up mine was going down. His forehead hit me right on the underneath of my nose. It almost brought a tear to my eyes, but Keir didn't even flinch! He looked up at me smiling and wondering why I was holding my nose. There was no blood but it still hurt, Keir 1 Dada 0
After the head-but incident it was time for Keir's bath, I got him all stripped down and brought him into the bathroom while Jen ran the bath for Keir. As we were waiting for the bath to fill up, I was holding Keir at my side, sudenlly my side felt very wet and warm. Keir was peeing on me! Keir 2 Dada 0.
I guess these happenings are the "secret joys" of being a parent!
Told you it would be short.
Take Care

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