Sunday, October 17, 2004

Everybody loves picutres, and have I got some for you.
I had mentioned a couple of post back that Keir was just starting to take some steps on his own. He is getting real good at walking and I managed to capture his walking with the camera....
Walking and Pointing
Walking and Falling
Walking and Smiling
Walking and Standing
He is actually walking here but the table is hiding it
I know this will sound like bragging but he really is getting good, he started of by only being able to go half way out on the carpet. By the end he was walking all the way to the end!
Here is one of Jen's all time favorite pics:
Bath Time
Keir has started to eat Adult food. We made some Chili for him(minus the spices!) which he really liked. He also had some panakes last weekend, here are some pictures of him enjoying those...
Belly Breakfast
Belly Breakfast2
Belly Breakfast3
Yes they were Blueberry panacakes and yes it was messy!
I had also mentioned that Keir loves to play in the Pots and Pans drawer, here he is caught in the act!
Pots and Pans
Pots and Pans2
More from the Kitchen, I am cooking Keir in the pots and pans...
More pics...
Gran and Keir outside
Gran and Keir outside2
Keir's litlle pointer finger
That is all for now
Take care

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