Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leaves and RIP Mr. Caterpillar

It is officially fall here in our neck of the woods. And fall means a couple of things: apples, cooler temperatures, changing colours, and raking leaves. Today the kids "helped" rake up the leaves in our backyard. And by "help" I mean jump in the pile we had just raked!


and then throw the leaves everywhere

but really who can stay mad at such cute faces

While we were raking we uncovered a caterpillar, a woolly bear caterpillar to be precise (I never knew that is what they were called until tonight, another plus for the internet!). In the past Isla has been very infatuated with caterpillars (much to Jen's angst- she really doesn't like caterpillars!) and tonight was no different. She immediately stopped raking and proceeded to play with "Mr Caterpillar". Keir and I continued to rake when about 5 minutes had gone by and we heard Isla shreek! You see she had decided it would be a good idea to put a laundry peg on "Mr Caterpillar". Well you can sort of guess what happend next... Poor "Mr Caterpillar" came out on the loosing side of the encounter with the laundry peg. There was a little bit of caterpillar blood leaking out of Mr Caterpillar. Isla was beside herself, literally balling her eyes out. She was so sad and in between sobs she would ask if Mr Caterpillar was going to be ok.



Inspecting the damage:

The actual damage:

Mr Caterpillar wasn't actually dead, but I don't think he was feeling to well or was going to make it through the night. Here he is trying to flee the scene, the wet mark all around him is his blood:

All in all it was a pretty traumatizing experience for poor Isla (and I imagine for Mr Caterpillar as well).

RIP Mr Caterpillar!



Pascale said...

Mark is howling with laughter over my shoulder, saying "That is one of the funniest series of photos I've ever seen. Horrible, but so funny!"
Poor Mr Caterpillar. Poor Isla. Hope she's gotten over the trauma!

Ewan said...

Mark is right, it was funny but sad at the same time. Even cute, Isla was so concerned.I did console her _before_ I took the photos.

phyllis said...

Poor Isla- though she does have a wonderful sense of drama and a soft soft heart for animals--I wonder what she thought she was doing with the clothes peg