Sunday, September 12, 2010


Fall in the Canada means Apple season, ever since moving to Manotick we have made a yearly tradition of going to Mountain Orchards  to pick our some apples. They have Tractor rides to the Orchards and a Corn Maze, as well as hay jumping for the kids to play in.  But most importantly they make fresh hot Apple Cider Donuts. I was too busy eating them to take a picture of them but they are _so_ _delicious_!!!!
This year we went with our friends the Crichton's and the Hutchinson's.
Here we are at the parking lot waiting around:
An apology to my Scottish Readers for the gratuitous England Soccer(Football) Jersey :-)
There was rain in the forecast and is actually pretty cool first thing setting out. Keir all dressed up:
A shot taken from the tractor ride out:
Isla was probably the busiest "picker" (Keir was too busy playing with his friends)
The "Fruits of our Labour".....  I have been waiting to use that line all blog :-)
After the apple picking it was time to cook with them!
Isla and I decided to make some Apple Crumble with some of the apples.
Isla helping mix the the crumble toppings:
Halfway to being finished, the apples mixed with some frozen strawberries (which we picked earlier in the year):
About to go in the oven
The finished product:
For supper we also had some Apple themed food. It was Pork Chops with Apple Sauce and Mashed Potatoes. The apple sauce was cooked in butter and topped off with herb goat cheese. I also put that same goats cheese in the mashed potatoes.
Coming out of the pan:
The final plate:
And don't forget dessert afterwards:
Everything was delicious and Jen and I enjoyed supper greatly!

That is all for now
Take care

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