Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spelling Bee

As part of Keir's school work he has homework called "Dicté" (as least I think that is how it is spelled, apologies to the french experts out there) which loosely translates to Spelling Bee. Keir is given a set of words to practice spelling all week and then at the end of the week, in class they have their Dicté in class. He did this last year in Grade One and we would practice the words with a paper and pencil at the kitchen table. This summer Keir and Isla switched rooms and we repainted Keir's new room. We painted one of his walls as a Giant chalkboard. There is special paint out there that will turn any wall(or surface for that matter) into a magnetic chalkboard. So having said all that we are now practicing his Dicté's on the wall in his room:
Here is what the whole wall looks like:
Almost done the list
Getting a little help:
And the final list:
And for those of you scoring at home the list would be (along with their English translation)
1) à (to)
2) bien (good)
3) chien (dog)
4) classe (class)
5) douze (twelve)
6) frère (brother)
7) après (after)
8) blanc (white)
9) chose (thing)
10) du (of)
11) des (some)
12) froid (cold)
13) aimer (like/love)
14) eau (water)

This was the first one of the school year, so it took a little longer than it should, but Keir really enjoyed writting on his wall :-)

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