Thursday, September 16, 2010

The New Site

I don't think I ever walked everyone through the new layout of the website. So here goes:
The first new thing you may have noticed is the Navigation Bar at the top of the page
This navigation bar has the dark buttons(skillfully highlighted by the hand drawn red arrows :-)) which have the different themes/sections of the website. So if you wanted to look at all my race reports you would click the "Race Reports" button, likewise if you wanted to only look at the "Family" posts click the Family button. There is also the TDIH (This Day In History) button, Photos, Food, and the obligatory About Us button. As the the website grows and evolves so will this list of buttons.

The next new section is the Search Function:
The search function is very simplely just that... a search function. If you were dying to find that long lost post I made on Chicken Pox you can type that in the search box (vertical red arrow above) and the results will pop up beside (horizontal red arrow above). It is fairly good at finding results you would think of.

Next new section, well this one is not so new, is the Followers section. This section lets you follow the blog, this means you will be notified when I post new content on the website. So you won't have to randomly check back on this website. As you can see I only have two followers (I know who you are and thanks:-)). So if you aren't one of the kind two folks who follow me, would you consider doing so? If you have a gmail account or any email account for that matter it is pretty easy to do. You can also use the suscribe button below the Followers section to add my blog to you blog reader or RSS reader, my weapon of choice is Google Reader
Please feel free to pass along my blog to anyone you think might have the slightest interest in it (friends, family, foes)
And if all else fails and you don't want to subscribe/follow, please feel free to leave me a comment so I know you are out there.

OK enough with the begging....

Last but not least for those of you who haven't made it all the way to the very, very bottom of the webpage, there is a funny little gadget called Fish. It is supposed to be liked a Fish Tank, you can watch the fish swim around. You can also move your mouse around in the fish tank and the fish will follow it. Good for hours of fun!

Hope you like the new layout
Take care

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