Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Supper (again)

Here we go again, another Sunday Supper Post. This is a good one! Jen's mom and dad came up for the day to visit. Murray (Jen's dad) came up to help me take apart an old laundry tub/ storage unit, he has a bunch of tools that made it very easy and we also had to do some minor plumbing (which is not my speciality). While that was going on Jen's mom was working with the kids on an Apple Pie (with the Apple's we picked)
They made it from scratch, i.e. home made crust!!! The kids ate a ton of the dough and I _think_ they managed to help some what. Here is the almost final product, didn't want to take a pic with the top on (by the way the pie is sitting on some of Isla's art work, more on that later this week)
And then after a little time in the oven:
After the pie came out of the oven it was my turn, on tap was roast chicken, with potatoes, sweet potatoes and sausages.
Starting ingredients:
All cut up:
The peelings from the potatoes made a kinda interesting photo:
Next up some sausages (chorizo and hot italien if you are curious)
And then we add everything together in a roasting pan:
Then on to the chicken, really simple but tasty salt and peper, melted butter and sage
After about 1.5hrs in the oven the chicken was ready:
The potatoes and sausages were ready as well:
On the plate ready to eat, see even some veggies!
The meal was absolutely delicious, it was almost a "Thanksgiving" type meal.
And if you think I have forgotten about dessert, you would be wrong. Home made apple pie and vanilla ice cream!!

That is all for now
Take Care
Ewan (about 5 pounds heavier than he was at the start of the day)

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