Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

So I have been a little quiet on the blog front but that is because of some little renovations going on in our house have been taking up our time. But more on the renovations later this week, for now I want to focus on is this past weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend.
We went out out to the Cottage for Sunday and Monday. It was a beautiful weekend weather wise which helped as the cottage doesn't have any heat! We had a great Thanksgiving meal on Sunday with Jen's parents, Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle. My parents also made the trip up to the cottage. The next morning we went for a walk at Foley Mountain Conservation Area which is in Westport. Westport is a cute little town on the Rideau Lake system, it is very busy with cottagers and tourists all summer long. Geographically it is right below the start of the Canadian Shield. The Canadian Shield is a massive geographic formation from a long, long time ago (see the link back there if you want to read more about it). Enough with the Geography lesson.... Foley Mountain is actually _on_ the Shield so you can get some pretty spectacular views from some of the trails.
An Example Spy Rock Lookout
It is huge drop off down to the Town of Westport, you can sort of see little Marina in Westport in the Picture
And if you look behind the people in this picture you can see the Town of Westport
Here is a pic of Keir trying to get a little to close to the edge of the lookout:
And of course once Ilsa saw Keir do that she wanted to get down to the edge as well
After spending some time at the lookout, we went for a walk on on of the many trails.
It was a really great morning in a really beautiful location!
Here are some more random photos from the weekend
Mr Frog at the cottage
Keir and Isla
Keir and Isla being silly
Boat at the Cottage

There is a whole bunch more photos here

That is all for now
Take care

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