Tuesday, June 01, 2010

World Cup 2010 - the U7 edition

World Cup 2010 - the U7 edition
So Keir will start soccer tonight. This is the third year he will be playing soccer. So far his team names have been the Blue Jays, the Orange Dragons. His team shirts colours were... you guessed it Blue and Orange.
This year the local soccer organization has decided to tie into the World Cup and name the teams after the teams competing in the actual World Cup. So Keir's team is representing Ivory Coast. Stay tuned to see if Ivory Coast can bring home the Cup!!!
As a side note: I am an assistant coach on the team, which should be an interesting experience: trying to get a bunch of 6-7yr old boys to direct their collective energies at the soccer ball and not the "inset name of whatever shinny object here". Hey if we can just make sure they get their treats after the game I think _they_ will think we are doing a great job.:-)

Edit: updating this for the final score for all you people who have the u7 world cup pool ;-) the final score was Argentina 1 Ivory Coast 1.


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