Sunday, June 06, 2010

More teeth Photos

I just posted the last photo really quick on thursday morning of Keir's missing teeth. Now that I have a little more time here is a little more info. I would say that Keir has been very late in loosing his teeth, I think most of his friends in his class have lost at least one tooth. Keir's teeth are very closely spaced, so we always thought that was the reason it was taking so long for his teeth to loosen. A couple of weeks we noticed that one of his lower front teeth was a little loose. Then about a week ago we notice his adult tooth coming in _behind_ his baby teeth. This meant a visit to the Dentist. Here is what the teeth looked like. I guess usually the roots of the old teeth get broken up by the incoming teeth, but because there was so little space, Keir's teeth are so closely spaced the roots only got have broken up.

This is the best part, here is Keir's note to the Tooth Fairy. Apparently you write letters to the Tooth Fairy outlining what you would like in exchange for the first teeth you loose!

This is smiling Keir after he got back, lip still swollen from the freezing.

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