Thursday, June 17, 2010

OSU U7 World Cup Rd3

Back with another World cup update!
Ivory Coast 1 - Spain 1
I actually am filing this report with second hand information as I missed the game because I was driving back from Toronto (for work). So having said that details are little sketchy from my 6yr old source!
Keir did play goalie for one half(all the kids have to play goalie at least once so we rotate them through on a weekly basis). He did let the one goal in but it didn't really seem to bother him, and he made several other saves. He even asked me if he could play goalie again next week.
I also know that Charlie (who is one of Keir's best friends) scored our goal. Other than that details were a little vague.

Tune in next week as Ivory Coast takes on the powerhouse Azzurri (Italy)


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