Wednesday, June 09, 2010

World Cup 2010 - the U7 edition Rd 2

World Cup u7 round 2
Ivory Coast 0 - USA 2:
Well the second game of the season was last night, and Ivory Coast came up on the short end of the stick! It was actually a very good game on our part , some excellent passing (which tends to be a rarity in u7 soccer) and defending but we just got some bad luck on the USA's two goals.
Keir still seems very interested in the games, he even had had a small break up the field (all be it when he was supposed to be playing defence, as a side note: I have come to find out the positions in u7 soccer are really just a suggestions or better yet a starting point for the kids as they tend to "clump" up around the ball).
We even had our first soccer scar, when Keir fell down in one of the "clumps" and was accidentally stepped on in the melee!
Next week we take on World Cup favorites Spain!!!!!


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