Monday, June 22, 2009

Cottage Country

This past weekend we spent at Jen's family's cottage. While the weather wasn't the greatest (it was very weird, sunny one moment cloudy the next and the raining later) I think we all enjoyed the cottage. I enjoy the cottage for the peace and quiet, no phones, no computers, ok there is a TV but there is no cable!
I had taken friday off work, with the plan to go up to the cottage early on friday. For that to happen Keir was going to have to miss his friday afternoon, but Keir didn't want to miss school on friday because it was "PJ Day". So we ended up going up after Keir's school finished.
Here are some of the better pictures from the weekend.
Cuty pie Isla enjoying an Ice Cream cone

Keir really enjoying his ice cream cone

When you are at the cottage you have to have Smores

This picture makes me laugh, Isla trying to blow up her floaty

This pic also makes me laugh, I think Keir saw a fish in the water so he is jumping out

That is all for now
Take Care

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