Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bob the Builder

For the past week they have been digging up our street to put in the sewers in our neighbourhood. As you can imagine it involves some big heavy machinery, which Isla and Keir are fascinated by such interesting equipment.
Here is the excavator as it came in front of our house:
The kids were so interested that we would eat meals at the window to watch the action:

They actually worked pretty quick and only took a couple of days to cover the area in front and beside our house. We were only unable to park in our driveway one night:

It is actually pretty funny: you would think a 5year old boy would be totally captivatied by Bob the Builder being in front of his house, and Keir is but he eventually looses interest in watching and goes and plays, but Isla is absolutely enthralled and you have to pry her away from the window and watching the machines.

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