Friday, February 18, 2005


So I haven't written in a couple of days, I have been real busy. Thanks To the people who have commented and even suggested books (Pascale). I also have some books in mind. After watching Oprah last week (yes I watched Oprah) with Lance Armstrong I really would like to read his books: "Every Second Counts" and "It is not about the Bike". I have always found him very interesting. Athletically I know enough about him already, but I think I would find his books extremely interesting. There is also another book by someone affiliated with Lance that would like to read. It is called "Chris Carmichael's Food for Fitness". Yes that might not be as exciting as a nice mystery novel, but I am very interested in the two main things in that book covers: Food and Fitness. Chris Carmichael is Lance's coach and has been with him throughout the past I would be very interested in hearing his thoughts on Nutrition. Betcha he isn't an Atkins advocate. I think I heard heard somewhere that Tour de France riders eat somethign like 6~7,000 calories a day during the Tour and there are a LOT of CARBS involved!.
Keir is great, he was giving me kisses the other night. It was too cute unfortunatly Jen was at work so no one could get any photos.
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Have a great weekend
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Pascale said...

I read Lance Armstrong's first book - it was really good! A real page turner...I actually bought it for my brother for Christmas, but ended up reading it myself beforehand! I was very, very careful not to open the book too wide so the spine wouldn't break and he would see I'd read it! But I ended up telling him anyway. oops! hee hee.
Happy reading.