Saturday, February 19, 2005


It is Saturday afternoon, and both Keir and Jen are down for a nap. I have time to upload a couple of photos. Here we go:
Close Up
Keir and his Cousin William (who came to visit last weekend)
Cousin William waving
Keir helping with the vacuming
Keir vacuming 2
Keir does not have the vacum totally figured out!
A very big load in his bulldozer (yes, those are lemons)
Keir likes milk through a straw now
Wearing a hoodie
Throwing a poor penguin
This one is just funny
Keir watching Star Wars on a Saturday Morning
This is the photo I am currently using as my Desktop Wallpaper
That is a lot of photos
That is all for now
Take Care

1 comment:

neal said...

AAAAHHHHH!!! i'm overdosing on cuteness, AAAAHHHh
those photos are awesome I'm glad to get my Keir fix here in mtl Each photo made me squeal with keirness HAPPY HAAAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY EWAN!!