Monday, November 15, 2010

Workout of the Week Nov 14th

Back in September I posted one of my runs that I went on and that planted the idea to have a Workout of the Week post every week. This will be the first installement in the Workout of the Week. I am going to run in the Winterman Marathon on Feb 20th (hint hint: this day may or may not be my birthday) and doing a 12 week build meant that todays run was the first week of the build and the workout of the week will be the first long run of the build. The goal of todays run was 90mins broken into 5 sections: 30min @ an comfortable/easy pace, 12.5min @ marathon race pace (4:15-4:20), a 5min @ a comfortable/easy pace, another 12.5min @ marathon race pace (4:15-4:20), then another 30min  @ an comfortable/easy pace.
Here is what that looks like in reality:

You can see that I missed the 4:15-4:20 range for the first race pace set. In my defense there was a  strong head wind for about half of the set. Although I really only missed it by a 2sec per km. Anyways that graph is a little boring.
Here is the graph of actual pace vs Heart Rate, can you guess where the stiff head wind was in the the first race pace set?

Here is where I went, just a touch under 20kms
All in all it was a decent run, this was my first long run since my september, and a good building block for another 11 more long runs ( will not do a long run the weekend before the race). I will progressively add  more and more time to the each of the sets as the weeks go on.
Here is a link to all the details:

After the run was done, here was my reward:
Insetrt picture here!!!!

A yummy cappuccino and banana and butterscotch chip muffin! I had to replenish some of those 1500cals I burned  ;-)


Here is the

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