Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Keir!

Tuesday was Keir's 7th birthday, wow 7 sounds so old!
The whole birthday celebration started last friday when we had 6 of Keir's friends come to a party for Keir. We booked a place called A Gym Tale, they do kids parties. How to describe this place.... I told someone today that my ears have almost stopped ringing from all that moise. It is kinda like releasing 6 tasmanian devils into a somewhat larger gage with another 30 or so tasmanian devils! The kids had fun, so that is what is important. But Jen said that next year will be "smaller", she also said that last year :-)
After friday came Keir's birthday on tuesday, we let him open is gift from us (Lego!) and had a birthday doughnut. Wednesday we had both  sets  of grandparents over for cake and more presents! That is a lot of birthday celebration/celebrating!
What is funny is as soon as everyone had left on wednesday night, Keir was already talking about Xmas presents he wanted...
and yes that is Isla of to the side wearing her _bathing suit_ in November. That was one of about 6 wardrobe changes of the night. She is a little fashionista!
That is all for now
take care

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