Monday, August 16, 2010

U7 Soccer World Cup

I just realized that I haven't updated much on Keir's soccer lately. Well the Ivory Coast team has improved each week and is actually playing very well as a team, It has been very interesting watching them progress. The one thing that has been constant from week to week has been the rain!!! It seems that Mother Nature has rain scheduled for Tuesday Evenings this summer.
This past week was their last regular season game, it was "versus" (like Keir likes to say) England. And they promptly won it! Nothing like waiting till the last game of the year for he first win :-)
After the last game was the end of season tournament, 3 games back to back on Sunday morning. Sunday morning we awoke to lighting, thunderstorms and rain (thanks Mother Nature!) The kids had fun on a fairly successful day. They tied one game and lost two(but played very well in those games).
Keir said that he enjoyed the season and would play again next year (if his friends played), which is all we can ask.

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