Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Week of Summer

Keir school officially ended on June 25th, so the following week was his first day of summer.
It was a full week, he had Golf Camp (yes he chose Golf camp as his camp for the summer) and swim team started off on Wednesday as well. Throw in soccer on Tuesday and you can see that by the end of the week he was pretty tired (but has he been sleeping more....not so much, he has been getting up earlier an earlier but that is another story for another blog!)
Jen and I were a little worried about Keir's choice of Golf Camp, we were thinking that Keir's 6yr old attention span and golf might not be a great fit. But for the most part he enjoyed himself. It was a week long camp from 9 till 12, culminating with the camp playing 9 holes of golf on friday!
Typical Keir when asked what his favorite part of the camp was he said it was when he got to drink Coke on the BBQ on friday. This was the first time ever he drank Coke, so I guess it was a big deal.

Lest you think this blog is all about Keir, here is one of my all time favorite pictures _ever_

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