Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Smiths Falls Triathlon Race Report

Smiths Falls Sprint Triathlon
Date: June 24th, 2007
Distance: swim 500m, bike 26km, run 5km

Warm up/ pre-race:
Went well, I found a good t-zone spot (had a very easy identifiable big tree right next to my bike). I did about 10min run with a couple of pick ups to get my HR up. Then out on the bike for 15min with a high cadence. Back to the t-zone and my hat had disappeared! I had it on the run warm up, someone must have taken it by mistake. Fortunately I had a spare visor for the race. I put my wetsuit on and went down to the water for a good warm up. Only problem was they were letting two boats through the locks, so everyone had to wait until the boats had passed through the locks. After the boats I was able to get a warm up, but I think I would like to do a longer warm up in the future as I probably had only 5mins total.

The swim went well (for me), I went out pretty fast trying to hold on to a pair of feet. Got to the turn-around and I swallowed a big mouthful of water and had to take a couple of breaststrokes to catch my breath, then it was heads down to the finish. Looked at my watch when I stood up: 5:34 (ok that must have been a short swim)
I took the wetsuit off at the bike, which seemed to work better than in the past when I tried to take the whole wetsuit of in the water. On to the bike, I fiddled a little to long getting my feet into the shoes (already clipped into the pedals) and I didn’t get them into the shoes and straps tightened until well after the turn onto River St. It turns out I forgot to bodyglide the heals of my shoes.
Went out with a high cadence 100RPM+ and tried to keep that for most of the ride. I really liked the new course, Kilmarnock island section was very nice and the way back had some nice rollers. Things went well and was passing enough people from the waves before me, but I was passed by a couple of 40-44 age groupers (the age group behind me).
Everything went good except the toggle lock came off my laces and that cost me 30secs or so putting it back on.
Run felt great, I tried to keep a nice high cadence up the hills in the first part of the course. I like the run course, hilly on the first section then all down hill on the final 2km! I managed to pass a good amount of people on the run.

Swim: 5:34
T1: 2:26 (should have ran faster up the t-zone)
Bike: 43:17
T2: 0:58
Run: 18:45
Total time 1:10:36
32nd overall 5/17 in age group 30-34

Pictures here

This was my first triathlon ever back in 2004 and my first time back at this race since then. I managed to improve on my time from 2004 (even with the extra 6km on bike) and go sub 20 on the run which where my two goals for this race.
There are a lot of fast people that do this race!
I really liked the loop course (as apposed to an out and back) and the run course is great as well.

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