Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 16, 2007 The Greatest Day Ever (according to Keir)

As the title suggests Saturday June 16th 2007 was the greatest days ever (for Keir). We took Keir to the Thomas the Tank Engine Live Show at Scotia Bank Place.

Keir had a blast and mommy and daddy enjoyed themselves(as much as you can with 1000+ screaming kids). There was lots of signing and audience inter-action which Keir really got into.

This first pic is Keir and I outside of the arena.

The second photo is of one anxious little boy waiting for the show to start. He was very patient considering what he was waiting for!

The third photo is mommy and Keir... waiting ... yes we were a little early :-)

The fourth photo is of the Stage... this was the only picture we were permited to take as soon as the show started they started "enforcing" the no picture policy :-(

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Pasc and Mark said...

Um...exactly HOW early were you?! LOL, you're the only ones there!!