Wednesday, June 08, 2005

-Man down-

Keir is sick! He has a temperature, which has made him a bit kranky. He doesn't know why he is sick. This is the frustrating part of being sick when you are 18months old. You can't understand why you aren't feeling well and your parents can't make feel any better.
He had no appetite all day and barely drank anything. By the end of the day he did eat a little bit of our supper and looked like he was feeling a bit better.

This past weekend we finished our little backyard project. We finished our fence between ourselves and our neighbour. With a lot of help for Murray(Jen's dad) and my Dad we got the fence finished on sunday, and I think it looks pretty good. I will post pics of it soon. We still have a couple of other projects for the backyard ( a gate and patio stones) but the backyard is starting to look a lot better.

Ok, I don't want anything for Father's Day but if I did this is what I would want:
The ultimate fathers day gift

Lets hope Keir feels better tomorrow.
That is all for now
Take Care

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