Friday, April 22, 2005

-Boxer Boy-

Right now Keir looks like a bit of a boxer! He has the leftovers from his black eye (see the pics in post below) and now he has a little bit of a fat lip, where he pulled a stool over on himself! People must think we are bad parents.
Brenda (the lady whose day care Keir goes too) is a saint. She has remained calm cool and collected throughout Keirs adjustment to day care. Keir used to cry (a LOT) when I dropped him off. Now when I drop him off he runs in and doesn't even want to stop to take his jacket off! I think he has adjusted :-)
Keir has a couple of new words. They are: Apple, please, and NO. That last one is not so good. We were going around the grocery store yesterday and it was "NO" to evrything. "No" to the vegetables, "NO" to the paper towels. Well you get the idea.
The weather is supposed to be crap this weekend so I think we will go for another swim.
Have a good weekend.

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